Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

Summary: Like Apple or not, it has been an amazing transformation from a struggling has-been to the one of the world's richest companies. See how much you know.


About every three months, the tech world shuts down when Steve Jobs takes center stage at an Apple event - and this week it was at WWDC 2011. Like Apple or not, it has been an amazing transformation from a struggling has-been to the one of the world's richest companies.

Let's see how well you know Apple as you take a stab the following questions. The focus is on WWDC 2011 announcements but we've added some others to keep you honest. Plus check out ZDNet's coverage of WWDC.

Instructions: Click on your answer and then see how many others agree with you. Then click to see the answer and the next question.

At WWDC, Steve Jobs introduced iTunes Match, a software feature for $24.95 per year scans your hard drive and then matches the titles to Apple's 256Kbps AAC, DRM-free tracks.

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1. What will Apple's new iTunes Match do when it discovers a song that had been "illegally" uploaded.

A. Nothing, it treats all songs the same.

Watch Steve Jobs describe "one more thing" at WWDC 2011.

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2. What's the name of Apple's new "BlackBerry killer" system that allows anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch send unlimited free text messages to another iOS device?

The correct answer is B. iMessage.

Here's how Jason D. O'Grady says iMessage sticks it to mobile carriers.

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3. What game company did Steve Jobs work for prior to Apple?

The correct answer is B. Atari.

One of his big projects was to create a circuit board for the game "Breakout" where he would be paid $100 for each chip he eliminated. He enlisted Steve Wosniak to help and they were able to eliminate 50 chips but the design was so tight that it couldn't be reproduced in manufacturing.

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4. It's easy to forget but Steve Jobs is currently on medical leave. The man above is running Apple right now. Who is he?

The correct answer is B. Tim Cook.

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5. One reason for Apple's recent success is that many of its products are made cheaper and of high quality in what country?

The correct answer is A. China.

Although John McCain may not know this. To be fair, other companies have their products made in China. For example, Foxconn, Apple's main supplier, also makes HP products.

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6. What is the name attached the upcoming Mac OS X version:

The correct answer is A. Lion.

Here's an article by Rachel King and a gallery that goes through the special features of Mac OS X Lion.

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7. 7. Apple internally responded to Mac Defender malware that recently infected its OS X operating systems by telling its representatives to:

The correct answer is D. All of the above.

Read Ed Bott's story that includes a memo allegedly sent to Apple reps detailing how to deal with the Mac Defender problem.

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8. For all it's successes, Apple occasionally comes up with a bomb. iCloud is replacing what self-described awful service?

The correct answer is A. MobileMe.

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9. Above is a photo of:

The correct answer is C. Apple's proposed new headquarters in Cupertino.

Here's a gallery of the proposed campus.

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10. Another huge reason for Apple's success is the Apple stores which first appeared just over 10 years ago. One of the first was located at:

The correct answer is D. Tyson's Corner Center Mall in Tyson's Corner, Virginia

Here's more about the Apple store's 10th anniversary - and a video of Steve Jobs showing off the first one.

And, now for your results (correct answers):

10: You're already devising your strategy to be first in line for the iPhone 5. 7-9: You're nickname is "Mac." 4-6: You can wait for the second version or later before buying your "i" gear. 1-3: Bill Gates would even do better. 0: Do you have wireless in that cave you're living in?

Thanks for playing!

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  • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

    On number 8: It's replacing MobileMe, not MessageMe. I typically dislike Apple, but this whole quiz seems to be deceptively negative.
    • I know Apple well enough to say they are a ripoff company

      Stealing IP from Android, yeah, Android can defend it self.
      Stealing IP from HTC, HTC might be smaller, but has was to defend its IP.
      Stealing IP from any other company thats big enough to pay lawyers, oh well.

      What gets to me, is how AWFUL they have been with the WiFi Sync functionality.

      This was develop by a teen, submitted to Apple over a year ago, rejected. And now Apple incorporates it into IOs 5 even copying the LOGO. This is blatant plagiarism, that is illegal and wrong in anyones view!


      This is reason enough to stay away from a company with double standards. It goes to absurd lengths to defend IP but has no qualms copying others IP and in the case of the teen, ripping him off.

      This is plain wrong, and that's why I'll never give Apple another cent in my life!
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

        [i]that's why I'll never give Apple another cent in my life![/i]
        Fair enough, but how many hours of your life do you give them here at ZDnet? I seem to see your name attached to many long-winded diatribes about Apple.
      • But you did, and you never know it!

        When Apple wins the HTC Patent Infringement case, it then will clobber Goggle and the rest, so in the end, every-time you buy a non-Apple smartphone or tablet you're going to help pay Apple. If I'm right, will you eat your words or just attract Apple from a different angle.

        If I'm wrong I will apologies.
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

        dude, the guys logo incorporated apples generic wifi symbol. not only that, the color of the logo is different, and the arrows arent even the same shape!
        and wifi sync is a generic thing. its like saying i cant make a game because someone already made a game.
        im not an apple fanboi, i have an android.
        just dont make stories out of nothing.
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

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      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

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  • Fixed

    Thanks! The quiz is for fun.
    • But question #7 is also wrong; the only source for all of these instruction

      @andy7718: was someone unnamed who sent information to "Microsoft Report".<br><br>In reality, when Adrian Kingly-Hughes tried to check if these rumoured instructions are true, he found out that these are <b>false</b>. He has got all possible advice just making call to Apple's support service -- there was no any of these speculated instructions from Edward Bott in action, ever. (And it was before Apple published support entry about the dealing with this matter on its site.)
  • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

    I disagree with the grading scale, just because you know the answer to 7 or more of these doesn't make you a fan of Apple, in fact I've never owned an Apple product in my life, or am I the exception that proves the rule?
    • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

      No, you're not the exception; you don't have to be a fanatic to be knowledgable. I fell into the 7-9 category as well, yet I've never, nor will ever (while they continue with their current business practices), own an Apple device.
  • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

    Cute quiz though all of the questions are current events. A real Mac/Apple fan would know much of the history as well, like what differentiated the 512K from the 512Ke? Or what was the difference between a IIcx and a IIci?

    (the KE had the 800KB floppy and the IIci had 32bit clean ROM)
    • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?


      Thank goodness you didn't create this quiz! I would have to refrain from posting Apple related comments because I fear my results (based on your hypothetical quiz) would suggest a return, as quickly as possible, to the Ballmer ecosystem. (Actually, that prospect will not be that bad once Win 8 and Win 8 ARM based tablets arrive on the scene but until then ...)
  • Check your answers.

    The answer to the first question is D, yet you said it was A, and the answer to the final question is A, yet you said it was D.

    You didn't put much effort into this, did you?
    • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

      I noticed that too.
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

        me too
  • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

    Ha, I got 9/10 questions right and I'm no Apple fanboy.
    • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?


      But obviously you follow Apple closely.
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

        its not too hard to follow. the media basically shoves apple down everyones throats on a fairly consistent basis lol
      • RE: Quiz: How well do you know Apple?

        ...my thoughts exactly.