Readers hand down more IT Commandments

Readers hand down more IT Commandments

Summary: Last month, ZDNet bloggers delivered 15 IT Commandments that technology executives couldn't afford to ignore. Readers were quick to propose a few additional IT rules -- rules which may or may not be worth carving into stone.

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Last month, ZDNet bloggers delivered 15 IT Commandments that technology executives couldn't afford to ignore. Readers were quick to propose a few additional IT rules -- rules which may or may not be worth carving into stone. Here, in no particular order, are ZDNet readers' IT Commandments...

  1. Thou shalt not Gerrymander or Balkanize
  2. Thou shalt collaborate
  3. Thou shalt not make changes on Friday
  4. Thou shalt not buy equipment based upon price alone
  5. Thou shalt not write down thine passwords
  6. Thou shalt not allow users to click on links in email messages
  7. Thou shalt not entrust critical systems to only one or two employees
  8. Thy shalt test thy backups
  9. Thou shalt not assume to know everything
  10. Thou shalt not ignore software updates
  11. Thou shalt turn off your HTTP
  12. Thou shalt wait before following the latest IT fad

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Making changes on Friday is okay.

    Just make sure you don't actually load them into production until Monday. Or later. :-)

    If you can make changes directly to a production system on a Friday and you aren't a sysadmin or other similar entity, perhaps it's time to revisit your change management procedures.
  • On passwords and the writing thereof...

    Here at wrok I'm required to know the following passwords:

    * Seven Solaris passwords.
    * Five Oracle database passwords.
    * Five UNISYS mainframe DEMAND passwords.
    * Five UNISYS application-level passwords.
    * Corporate mainframe access password.
    * Windows sign-on.
    * Novell sign-on.
    * Lotus Notes sign-on.
    * Hours entry system sign-on.
    * Vacation request sign-on.
    * Change/Event Management site sign-on.
    * Corporate intranet sign-on.
    * Online library sign-on.
    * Document Manager sign-on.

    I'm up to 32 already, and that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I'm missing a half-dozen others.

    I write them down. Not in plain sight, however - I put them in my WristPDA, and also in the PDA that is residing in my briefcase. I have to, since there are so many passwords (and so many different password requirements/rotations) that I would go insane otherwise. Or I'd be calling the help desk every other week.
    • I agree

      Now allowing yourself to write your passwords down encourages you to create weak passwords. Write thne suckers down and store them in a *safe* place.
    • Thou shall encrypt thy important files

      Put your passwords into a single file - and then encrypt it.
      Roger Ramjet
    • sounds like...

      sounds like your organization suffers from the donthavuhsinglesignonitis strain of the assetspoorlymanaged genus.... LOL
    • Hope they're paying you enough...

      'cause that's ridiculous. Is everything there that compartmentalized? Are you allowed to talk to the next cubicle without an IM logon?
      I feel for ya...
  • hahahaha
    Reverend MacFellow
    • that was ummm, not funny? (nt)

    • Wait, I couldn't see that link, whats that "Q" all about?

      Talk about being able to communicate, apparently Apple CAN"T talk to everything unless I download an app, install it, let it start itself every time my computer boots, use some of my memory, whether I use it or not...
      Great job Apple, thanks for the superior compatibility.
      On the other hand, I laugh every time I watch the ads! SSSOOO funny! FUD, but funny nonetheless.
  • Thou shall empower thy employees

    Inject some keiretsu (Toyota) into your IT process. All decisions need to be reviewed and POSSIBLY CHANGED - even by the lowly 1st level sysadmin. Use a bigger hammer is NOT empowerment . . .
    Roger Ramjet
  • Thou shalt empower and promote those with the know how and track record

    Why is it that every where you go, its the nin-come-poops (sp??) that are running the show? Because they are the frieeeends of the right folks! It never fails. I have seen one or two shops where those in command did know left from right, but those are faaaar and few between.
  • Thou shalt not trust thy email neighbor

    Business people STILL insist on emailing IP documents with no protection - it's either vulnerable to hacking or the intentional or unintentional forwarding to unauthorized parties. The IT Lord sayeth, use rights management and encryption such as Taceo: