RealNetworks previews media cloud service

RealNetworks previews media cloud service

Summary: Unifi represents one of the first product launches for RealNetworks under CEO Rob Kimball.

TOPICS: CES, Amazon, Cloud, Software

CES 2011

RealNetworks has begun to preview its cloud media service dubbed Unifi.

The preview, highlighted at the Consumer Electronics Show, is part of the Unifi rollout effort. RealNetworks said that Unifi will launch in early 2011.

In a nutshell, Unifi aims to keep track of all of your photos, videos and music across multiple platforms. The cloud service, which runs on Amazon Web Services, will synchronize your media housed on multiple devices.

More importantly, Unifi represents one of the first product launches for RealNetworks under CEO Rob Kimball. Unifi will catalogue and organize content.

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Overall, RealNetworks could have a hit with Unifi. Indeed, there are few options for folks that want one digital content library across multiple devices. Most efforts lock you into one platform.

Unifi will begin a public beta this quarter and launch commercially in the first half of the year.

Topics: CES, Amazon, Cloud, Software

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  • RE: RealNetworks previews media cloud service

    This is destined to fail just because its from RealNetworks.
    Loverock Davidson
  • Nice idea, but too many vested interests and roadblocks

    With both Time Warner and Comcast getting ready to charge based on traffic, having your "personal content" in the cloud could get expensive real fast. Not to mention the fact that the RIAA and MPAA would love the opportunity to review all your personal content and send you a nice bill (or court summons) for anything they think you might have without their permission.

    Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a solution that breaks down proprietary walls, uses standardized interfaces and access methods, and provides true value for money. But there are a lot of vested interests in preventing exactly that from happening.
    terry flores
  • RE: RealNetworks previews media cloud service

    Eh, they're still around?
  • I can't see the purpose for such a service

    Are they offering cloud storage or some sort of automatic conversion from one format to another?
    You can still do that on your local system with free software.
    Linux Geek