Red Hat intros CloudForms hybrid management platform

Red Hat intros CloudForms hybrid management platform

Summary: Red Hat's new hybrid cloud management platform, CloudForms, comes down to one thing: reemphasizing its belief in the importance of open source technology.

TOPICS: Open Source

Red Hat is expanding its outlook to hybrid public and private cloud platforms with the introduction of CloudForms.

Geared towards the enterprise set, CloudForms is an open hybrid cloud management platform for maintaining Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hybrid clouds.

The key word there is "open" as CloudForms is another medium that open source solutions provider Red Hat is using to reemphasize this brand and ethos.

For example, CloudForms offers a lot of support for tools and applications from other vendors to be integrated within this infrastructure so that customers are not locked into being stuck with solutions from just one provider. On top of that, CloudForms also comes with self-service capabilities to give IT departments more control from their end.

The idea is to offer businesses a method for creating and managing open hybrid clouds and related applications with infrastructures spread across different virtualization platforms, programming models, and public cloud resources.

In prepared remarks, Red Hat CTO and vice president of worldwide engineering Brian Stevens described CloudForms as a "game-changer" because it offers more than just new IT management tools but also layers of "openness and portability" across different programming models and apps.


Topic: Open Source

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