Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

Summary: It is with great sadness to tell you that our Emerging Technologies blogger Roland Piquepaille has passed away suddenly. His wife Suzanne just confirmed his passing.


It is with great sadness to tell you that our Emerging Technologies blogger Roland Piquepaille has passed away suddenly. His wife Suzanne just confirmed his passing.

roland.pngRoland, 62, was one of our most passionate bloggers and his ability to explain complex science well was something to behold.  Roland spent most of his career in software, mainly for high performance computing and visualization companies, working for example for Cray Research and Silicon Graphics. He left the corporate world in 2001 after 33 years and jumped into blogging.

Roland passed away Monday in Paris. He was hit with enterococcal bacteria that led to a high fever and health complications beyond that. Suzanne said that the doctors are still trying to quantify how Roland got the bacteria and the exact details. We spent the last few hours confirming Roland's passing as word began to spread. It has been a rough year for the ZDNet family.

There will be a ceremony held on Monday. Rest in peace Roland, we'll miss you. Suzanne said that Roland had a few posts in the pipeline and wanted them published. If she is able to pull them from Roland's PC we'll put them on his blog to complete his record.

Topics: Software, Browser, CXO, Enterprise Software, Health, Security, IT Employment

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  • Rest in Peace, Mr. Piquepaille

    His posts were the highlights of ZDNet for me - he will be missed.
    • here, here!

      I agree. I looked forward to every one.
  • He will be missed

    Roland will be missed
    • re: He will be missed

      Indeed he will be. He was my favorite of all the bloggers here. His will be some mighty big shoes to fill, and I believe it is important that they be filled.
  • Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    My thoughts go to his friends, his partner and family, and to the rest of the ZD bloggers. Rest in peace.
  • An excellent science writer

    He was arguably the best science writer whose works I have read. His writings wery succinct, easily comprehensible, and had human feeling. His loss is significant. Best wishes to his widow.
    P. Douglas
  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    Rest in peace.
    Loverock Davidson
  • When I grow up I want to be Roland

    To have Roland's breath of expertise on so many aspects of science and technology is rare indeed.

    He had the coolest gig on ZDNet. I'm not sure how we'll ever replace such a talented writer.
    • That's a sweet tribute

      However, the trick is to never really grow up. Roland's appeal
      as a writer is that he fully retained his child-like imagination
      and sense of wonder.

      RIP Roland.
      Marcos El Malo
  • A terrible loss!

    Of course if he were a sports announcer this would be a huge deal.

    It's not only sad we can't benefit from his talent anymore, but also that his talent wasn't recognized more.

    Which was more important, his topics or the BCS ratings system. Which gets more coverage.

    Hey with his ability to explain things, maybe even those football players and other athletes you saw around campus who weren't really there for the academics could have understood a thing or two.

    I guess it is a huge deal for me and wish everyone felt the same way.
  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    RIP. You will be missed.
  • Condolences to his family.

    His blogs were always interesting to read, even though I've only been reading them for a short time.

    Sad to hear he is no longer with us.
  • Condolences to his family

    He surely bring high quality blogs, he'll be missed.
    Sad moment for ZDnet.
  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    What a loss. I always looked forward to new articles from Roland. He was a such a good writer. Wish his family the best in this difficult time for them.
  • Roland was special.

    He had contacts and access for new fundamental science, things that can bring true progress. Not many journalists cover that. This is a great pity.
  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    My heart goes out to his family. May as time passes the pain from his loss is comforted from knowing that he was a great man who unselfishly shared his heart and soul with all who were smart enough to listen
  • Farewell my friend

    For having known Roland since my teenage years - all
    those messages make his loss all the more poignant - I
    wished he could still be with us an instant, just to see one
    more time the frown of impatience on his face (let's get
    on with the work at hand!) & trying to hide the little spark
    of amusement and pleasure in his eyes nonetheless.
    Beneath the gruff surface of an attentive and dedicated
    professional, was a warm, sensitive and deeply committed
    soul - That's probably why his endeavors reached the best
    in so many of us. Job well done my friend, we'll be missing
  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    I loved Roland's finds of the bizarre and truly unique items. Our sympathies to his loved ones.
  • He was the only ZDNet blogger that always had something interesting to say

    He blogged on real science and stayed true to the topics of science and technology. He left the politics to the rest of ZDNet. He was a great example for ZDNet.

  • RE: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille

    Having myself degree in physics, I really enjoyed his posts. I will miss him. RIP Roland...