RIM adds another deck chair with JayCut

RIM adds another deck chair with JayCut

Summary: Even though many critics continue to spell out doom for Research In Motion, another acquisition has proved that RIM is still pushing forward.


Even though many critics continue to spell out doom for Research In Motion, another acquisition has proved that RIM is still pushing forward.

RIM is bringing in JayCut, a Sweden-based "premier" online video editor that already licenses its technology to a variety of companies and websites.

Financial details haven't been revealed, but RIM's Chief Technology Officer David Yach spelled out a few details on the Official BlackBerry Blog as to how JayCut will be involved with RIM, including that JayCut will be involved in integrating cloud-based services to the BlackBerry platform:

The BlackBerry PlayBook offers users premium multimedia features, including dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing, HDMI output and high resolution video playback. By working with JayCut to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers’ multimedia experience with BlackBerry.

JayCut's CEO Jonas Hombert also gave an enthusiastic response on the company's official website:

The value proposition for my team and me was simply awesome: we can stay creative and we get to focus solely on developing great video editing tools, which has the potential to be used by many millions of users. Finally, we come into a context where our expertise is both valued and wanted.

So what will happen now? Well, even though I would love to tell you about all the brand new stuff we’re working on with RIM, you know I can’t. :) There are still many decisions to be made, but what is certain is that you’ll soon see some really cool and creative stuff coming out of this now established Stockholm enclave of RIM.

RIM has proven how serious it is about software and the user interface before with previous buyouts. For example, RIM acquired UI experts The Astonishing Tribe last December to focus on the PlayBook and BlackBerry. One might argue immediately that such a purchase didn't do well for RIM, but the UI was actually one of the better reviewed specs on the BlackBerry PlayBook, especially in comparison to the pricing and native email app mishap.


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  • keep it coming with the smoke and mirrors

    why don't you.<br><br>What about the big white elephant <i>that isn't in the room</i> called a native email client?? How about an honest Marketing Division that starts with an advertising campaign that goes something like this ...<br><br>...<br><br><i> "Yes folks, for in excess of $500 you too can own a PlayBook - completely free of any native email capabilities. BUT WAIT THERE'S LESS! For an extra 200 $mackaroos, you get to have a Blackberry phone!!! Why have the simplicity of one device when you can have the sweet complication of TWO? Why have all your business needs on one device when you can tether yourself to a multitude? ... Be the center of burning envy of all your non-PlayBook using friends, as they seeth at the touch screens of their all-in-one iPads or Archos Gen 9's ... " </i><br><br>...<br><br>... Seriously though, RIM had their chance to make PlayBook work. Unfortunately, due to sheer executive greed, arrogance and ignorance, they blew it completely. The sad truth is, their hard working R&D and Dev' teams will pay the ultimate price of Ballsillie and the exec' board's pathetic incompetence.<br><br>For the benefit of those seeking truthful information of tech' industry developments, please quit misleading / lying to the readership; you guys (i.e. ZDNet) are already well on your ways towards resembling the piece of trash that just went 'dodo' called <i>News of the World</i>.
    • It wasn't greed, it was panic.

    • RE: RIM adds another deck chair with JayCut

      What a line of drivel....take the article for what it is a statement of fact...and by the by M's King, this should not be seen as a deck chair, but a solid move to enhance the infrastructure for the core of the QNX software in the next generation BlackBerry phones...moves like this are needed if RIM wants to get the 2012 phones right.
      As for the mindless drivel of thx-1138....say what you want about the co-ceos, they started the company from "nothing" less then 20 years ago, they did create the whole concept of the core of the communications we all take for granted at this point....despite what you say BlackBerry was the "first" smart phone...and finally no CEO that includes the supposedly infallible Jobs, doesn't make some mis-steps, and mistakes...the key is what they do to correct.
      The RIM CEO's have acknowledged the problem,and are working to jumping ahead, of the competition.
      Moaning by Apple Fanboys like you about the "Apple Centred Universe" is really getting boring.
      I have Apple and BlackBerry Stock in my modest portfolio so I am not playing favourites, I just believe that companies don't start from nothing and become BILLION $ corporations, being founded and run by morons...the proof will be in the next generation BlackBerry Phones, and the next big upgrade of the Playbook...
      • Actually, you couldn't be further from the truth ..

        @Ejeff .. if you had frequented ZDNet enough you'd know i'm .. far and aways .. an OS agnostic.

        I knew i'd hit a raw nerve: that was the whole point of what i wrote.

        ... as for you you have your world view. Leave me to mine.

    • RE: RIM adds another deck chair with JayCut

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  • Don't know RIM's future, and I would

    Hazared a guess nobody else has a crystal ball either. Me being a long time Apple fan can recall all the years of endless articles about the impending DEATH of Apple. See how that turned out:)

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn