RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

Summary: In the a video, RIM highlighted a BlackBerry Bridge to keep your PlayBook tablet from downloading email all day.


Research in Motion on Monday highlighted PlayBook and BlackBerry pairing for corporate email.

This pairing has been a bit controversial among developer types. In the video below, RIM positioned the pairing---technically a BlackBerry Bridge---as a way to keep your PlayBook from downloading email all day.

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Topics: Mobility, Collaboration, Hardware, BlackBerry

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  • The pairing makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

    Everybody and their dog in my place of employment already has a Blackberry. The company is hardly going to pay for a second data plan for everybody, but a tablet that is compatible with our infrastructure would be REALLY handy.
    • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

      I believe the Dog has a HTC Desire :-)
  • Another fake video... yipee...

    That video was totally fake...

    That is some really lame Vaporware.
    • yet another TROLL


      As a user of RIM, Apple with GOOD on an iphone and ipad I can really see the benefit of the Blackbery offering. My iphone and ipad live in a dark space in my bag, my BB Torch is my tool of choice as I can't be bothered with all the password input of the igadgets. Unfortunately some trolls prefer to live in a world away from mine... a world where only Apple is allowed to look useful.

      This thing has promise in the Enterprise, outwith the consumer market, and I personally have no interest in one as a consumer. ipad is too limited for its cost, the RIM thing might just be what I need especially if i can access corporate sites (which my ipad and iphone cannot). I like it so far.
    • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

      @i8thecat and of course you can document such an inane statement? Oh and by the way do you understand what 'document' means? You spend your time eating cats and this is all you can say?
  • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

    I was just at the IBM Lotus sphere conference today in Orlando, Fl this Playbook device is far from vaporware. I personally had it in my hands at the conference solid fast piece of multitasking multicore tablet. Flash was insanely quick something the ipad cannot handle very well at all. Was snappy response to multiple apps running realtime all at once. It is a very promising tablet. So to you vaporware idiots go troll somewhere else.
    • Except for batterly life is just few hours

      @Arkus: that is not very promising, actually
  • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

    This could be a useful way of saving a few bucks, for an existing Blackberry user.....

    ... but for any other users, RIM have totally lost the plot, esp. as it uses a different OS to all exiosting devices. Need 3G from Day one for this market. Why is is so hard for them to deliver this ?
  • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

    Hi Everyone,
    It?s Alex from the RIM Social Media team here.

    @i8thecat, we can assure you that the BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely not vaporware. In fact, tens of thousands of people experienced PlayBook at CES (http://blogs.blackberry.com/2011/01/ces-2011-blackberry-playbook-apps), and it was demonstrated live on stage at AdobeMax (http://devblog.blackberry.com/2010/10/blackberry-playbook-apps). One of the commenters below, @Arkus, even experienced it first-hand at Lotusphere this week.

    Speaking of @Arkus, we?re glad to hear you checked out the PlayBook at the IBM Lotusphere event. We?d love to hear more about your experience, specifically your thoughts on the multitasking capabilities or the 7? screen size. We feel the size makes it ultra-portable, and would love your feedback.

    Stay tuned to the Inside BlackBerry Blog (http://blogs.blackberry.com) for more PlayBook content to come.
    • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

      @alexkinsella Hi, Alex, I think the video showed how responsive the device is. I'm looking forward to finding out other specs on the unit as an alternative to an iPad for security reasons. I don't own a Blackberry and am not an enterprise user at all but I am interested in what the Playbook may offer for consumers, since I like the approach of RIM's take on security. <br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Philip<br><br>UPDATE: Well nevermind. If it was a dog it would've bit me, as my mother would say, (herpa derpa?!); I just went to blackberry's site to find out everything I needed. Thanks. <img border="0" src="http://www.cnet.com/i/mb/emoticons/grin.gif" alt="grin">
  • RE: RIM demos PlayBook, BlackBerry pairing

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