RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

Summary: Research in Motion reported dim earnings results for the first quarter on Thursday, and although prospects aren't expected to be much better in the next three months, at least some new BlackBerry devices are on the way.


Research in Motion reported dim earnings results for the first quarter on Thursday, and although prospects aren't expected to be much better in the next three months, at least some new BlackBerry devices are on the way.

During the company's quarterly investors conference call, RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis spoke frequently about RIM's current "transition" period.

Lazardis explained, "RIM has taken a unique path, and why we do things might not be obvious from the outside."

It's not news to anyone at this point that RIM is not doing well. Some would go so far as to label the Ontario, Canada-based company as doomed.

Nevertheless, RIM is pushing forward and we're finally going to see some new BlackBerry devices roll out this summer. Right off the bat, it sounds like RIM is taking a better approach with its new BlackBerry smartphones than it did with the PlayBook that launched in April.

Although the tablet did actually ship more units than expected (approximately 500,000), RIM drew a significant amount of criticism that the device had been rushed out - especially after it was discovered that the PlayBook would launch without a native email application. That essentially pigeonholed the PlayBook as a BlackBerry owner-only device.

Well, that won't be true for long. Although RIM reps didn't specify dates, Lazaridis did say that a native email application, an Android app player and other new programs would be rolling out this summer. The rest of the 4G PlayBooks expected to ship with multiple carriers in the United States will also be seen within the next few months.

But RIM's biggest product news was that several BlackBerry 7 OS products would be rolling out at a "rapid succession" near the end of the quarter. That includes both HSPA and CMDA-enabled devices hovering around the high-end and mid-tier product ranges.

Most of these devices were already seen at BlackBerry World in May, but Lazaridis said that although RIM "would have preferred to get them out sooner," execs and developers recognized a stronger demand for better and different specs from American consumers. Thus, RIM went back to the drawing board with improvements. Lazaridis promised investors that "customers will understand why it was worth the wait."

The flagship of the launches will be the BlackBerry Bold 9900 running on BB 7 OS. The device is touted as "super thin" at 10.5mm thin with a sleeker look than most BlackBerry smartphones. Sporting a display reminiscent of the one seen on the Bold 9000, customers can expect 8GB of on-board memory, HD video recording, fluid liquid graphics, enhanced browsing, a built-in compass and NFC capabilities.

RIM is really going to need the Bold 9900 (not to mention its other upcoming mobile devices that weren't outlined during the call) to be a big hit.

Lazaridis tried to put a positive spin on things by noting that RIM is in the "final phase of this transition," but with layoffs and another drop in earnings looming, the transition needs to come to a close - and fast.


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  • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

    Cant wait for the new devices.
    • If you can not, then buy iPhone; RIM promised that Playbook was worth to ..

      @SinfoCOMAR: ... wait for eight months and delivered half-baked product. UK's major seller O2 just yesterday said they stop selling PB because of problems with user experience.
      • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'


        Actually O2, like stateside carriers dont really care about selling WiFi devices as they cannot sell a data plan.

        Worse RIM's Bridge allows you to use your smartphone for a data connection at no cost. That is a carrier nightmare.
  • For their sake...

    I hope they're right.

    I've long been a BB fan (and user), but if their next generation isn't up to snuff, I'll be trading in my Bold 9700 for an iPhone 5 or whatever Droid AT&T has that is on par.

    Speaking of, anyone notice AT&T's site being under maintenance the last 18 hours? or is it just me?
  • They should adopt Windows Phone 7

    Just like Nokia - I mean this in a very good way.
    Mr. Dee
    • Mr. Dee...

      @Mr. Dee

      I respectfully disagree...

      Win Pho 7 is still unproven (though it [i]does[/i] show promise)

      And, RIM is still unmatched in Exchange integration... even by MS' phone o/s
  • RIM has been pronounced dead many times.

    I am a huge fan of bb. They work. They work well. They are weapons for business and life. Best calendar ean email system ever. I now have a Tmobile g2 and it is great but it is not business ready yet and lt likes to be connected to the charger. BB are great if BB had been forward thinking enough to put the torch or bold on tmobile. I might stll have one. If apple had sprayed their devices to all carriers they might be leading android. BB is not dead yet. If they put a phone chip in the playbook I would buy one tomorrow.
  • Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow

    Blackberrys work for business and work well. The core functions are there, but that is no longer enough. I have no interest in the marketing experiment that is Android or the closed toy chest that is iOS. If RIM cannot, however, supply something more than just a seamless extension of Outlook, I will be gone. Most everyone I work with has already left BlackBerry and will never return because they have accustomed themselves to the compromises.
  • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

    Worth the wait, lol yea right. Here is your tagline RIM:

    "Our new Blackberry devices! You can't play Angry Birds on it but it still does E-mail right! That still counts for something doesn't it?"
    • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

      Angry Birds is almost ready for the Playbook!
      • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'


        Actually you can sideload the Flash based Angry Birds right now along with a few others games/ apps.

        Playbook is one update away from being solid.
  • I'll be holding my breath...

    Not!<br><br>IMO, BB has been a disappointment for the last few/several years. They started strong with devices that could handle email very well. But the environment has changed and RIM has not been able to keep pace. Not only does RIM force you to pay additional monthly fees to privide simple Exchange support that is offered free on all other smartphones, RIM's ideas of groundbreaking new phones has only dissapointed. Lot's of hype with only wonky devices to show for it (BB Storm).
    Mycah Mason
  • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

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  • RE: RIM: New BlackBerry devices will be 'worth the wait'

    I love Blackberry like my favorite <a href="http://www.sushirice.ca">sushi rice</a> and I really hope they meant it when they said "it's worth the wait." I hope the tagline isn't just another <a href="http://www.sweetquotes.ca">sweet quotes</a> to make the consumers excited. If it doesn't meet expectations,I might be switching or <a href="http://www.homemoving.ca">moving companies</a> from RIM to Apple or even Microsoft for their Mango devices.