RIM's Lazaridis: 'You expect better of us' after outage

RIM's Lazaridis: 'You expect better of us' after outage

Summary: Research in Motion's inability to quickly fix its largest-ever worldwide outage has been frustrating, co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said on Thursday.


Research in Motion co-chief executive Mike Lazaridis apologized this morning for his company's worldwide service outage for its BlackBerry smartphones, the largest in its history.

"I want to apologize to all of the BlackBerry customers we've let down," he said during a press conference. "You expect better of us. I expect better of us. Our inability to quickly fix this has been frustrating."

Full services are now restored, but it took several days to do so.

Lazaridis said a hardware failure on Monday caused a "ripple effect" in system. A dual redundant high-capacity core switch failed, he said, causing outages and delays -- a cascading failure, he said -- in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

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What's more, the backup switch didn't function as intended, causing a significant data backlog. As Europe's queue backed up from the failure, it overloaded the rest of the countries mentioned. And the data backlog took much longer to get through than expected, Lazaridis said.

"We don't know why the switch failed in the particular way it did and did not fail over to its redundant pair," Lazaridis said. "We do know that there was an error in it that [was] most likely caused by hardware."

The company is currently scrambling to have its vendors correct the switch failure mode, as well as audit its own infrastructure to understand why it took so long to get the system back online.

"We plan ahead for the kind of anticipated growth that we have and expect to have in the future," Lazaridis said, suggesting that it was not an issue of capital expenditure.

It is also managing the fallout from a break in its customers' trust, many of whom chose RIM precisely for its security and stability.

Recent layoffs did not impact the team that manages such outages, Lazaridis said.

"Nobody has gone home since Monday," co-CEO Jim Balsillie said.

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  • RE: RIM's Lazaridis: 'You expect better of us' after outage

    It happens. And being in IT support myself, I understand sometimes things are out of your hands. BB has been providing services continuously and without such glitches for years now, (before iOS and Android were born), and one faliure is not enough for me to jump loyalties. I could not install iOS 5 today due to the errors, it took me 8 hours to restore to my old OS, but does that mean that the iPod is a piece of crap? or Apple makes bad software? No. We are giving them a chance and we should give BB too one. Mr. Lazaridis, we are with you. We were disappointed yes, but we understand. BB has given us a lot, and in this bad time, we will not desert you. But please don't disappoint again.
  • RE: RIM's Lazaridis: 'You expect better of us' after outage

    I'm willing to give RIM the benefit of the doubt on this one. We don't think anything of it when the carrier's service goes down. This is no different. In my area, AT&T had spotty service for months while they were upgrading us to 3G. At one point, the mobile Internet was, mostly, down for almost three weeks. I've been looking at switching carriers lately, but the service outage isn't one of issues I have.
  • RE: RIM's Lazaridis: 'You expect better of us' after outage

    I've been given a refund for the days without service... unasked. It's a good service and a good company.
    As for glitches, how many times has MS Messenger/Hotmail/Live gone awash or Google Mail gone bad and loosing email.