RSA chief: Today's security models inadequate (video)

RSA chief: Today's security models inadequate (video)

Summary: The executive Chairman of the 2012 RSA Conference discusses how IT departments can respond to newer and growing cyberattacks.

TOPICS: Security

At the RSA conference in San Francisco, RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello discusses the increasing threat companies face from cyberattacks and strategies and practices IT managers can deploy for response.


Topic: Security

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  • To start...

    ...get rid of any software written by Microsoft. Sure, other vendors have limited and quickly patched problems from time to time, but that's like a single rain drop compared to a tidal wave.
    Tony Burzio
    • heh

      heh, if you say so.

      I think Microsoft's doing a lot better now than in the early days of XP.
  • *yawn*


    Nothing new in this video. Basically it's a pep talk.