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Summary: is preparing an upgrade to its hosted CRM (customer relationship management) service.

2 is preparing an upgrade to its hosted CRM (customer relationship management) service. The new forecasting capabilities in the Summer '04 release, due this month, should go a long way toward serving enterprises' divergent forecasting needs. It looks like the company realized that the platform had to stop trying to be all things to all people and make the customization easier.

I reviewed the Spring 2004 release and had a hard time finding anything negative to say about it. The enterprise CRM model was literally flipped on its head with which has made software as a service a reality. At this point the company's biggest risk is screwing up.


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  • rivals a threat? certainly has been getting the most attention in it's space, but attention is one thing and meeting customer needs is another.

    With a market growing by over 100% a year, and owning half of the market, it is just about normal for to grow by over 100% a year, which they have not doing! They grew by 66% last year which means that the rest of the money is going elsewhere. It is going to the other CRM software-as-s-service rivals such as RightNow, Netsuite, and others.
  • Hard work from other CRM vendors makes up for smaller size

    Those numbers are very interesting, goes to show that even though they're the biggest the hard work by other companies like Netsuite and is paying off. Recently released a user behavior study and it is this kind of forward thinking which is keeping Salesforce from getting the 100% growth they lack.