Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

Summary: Rypple, which is technically a "social performance management" application, will be rebranded Successforce.

SHARE: entered the human capital management fray with the acquisition of Rypple. The company also put enterprise software veteran John Wookey in charge.

With the move, a collision between Workday, Salesforce and SAP with its recent acquisition of SuccessFactors could play out. The company downplayed any potential competition with Workday.

Rypple, which is technically a "social performance management" application, will be rebranded Successforce. The aim is to enable a continuous feedback loop for workers from management, colleagues and others.

Salesforce is looking to put a social spin on human capital management (HCM) software. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said in a statement that "the next generation of HCM is not just about a cloud delivery model, it's about a fundamentally better way to recruit, manage and empower employees in a social world."

Wookey added that the Rypple purchase accelerates Salesforce's social enterprise strategy. Rypple customers include Facebook and Spotify. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Wookey said on a conference call:

Today's companies need and frankly deserve the performance and leadership tools that are transparent and allow employees to be connected to the Company's mission into each other. The acquisition of Rypple and its relaunch of Successforce will really be the first step in building out our HCM strategy.

The big question here is whether Salesforce is being spread too thin. Cowen analyst Peter Goldmacher recently noted that the company's expansion into new markets takes away from its salesforce automation focus.


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  • RE: Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

    Don't think it spreads the company too thin. They have successfully evolved from a sales force automation point solution provider to a platform.
  • RE: Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

    I don't understand why you publish so many articles about Salesforce when none of the readers care about one comments on these because no one is reading them.
  • RE: Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

    There are few software revolutions that have so patently been an obvious case of The Emperor???s New Clothes. That of Talent Management is a phrase that in 2011 has even trended on Twitter, yet in 2009 was still seen as being a ???good man manager???.
  • RE: Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

    Great article on value points of Social Performance and the future of the Talent Management Space. HR is going Social in 2012!

    The real movement Social Goals was started by a couple small companies who believed there was a better way to work together. WorkSimple --- --- has been the forefront of this space for several years now. But why is this movement or revolution getting so much momentum (even prior to this Salesforce move).

    Both Rypple and WorkSimple customers are small-to-midized companies or groups in the large organizations, who are looking for a fresh approaches to performance review platforms. Our customers are aware that platforms like SuccessFactors(SAP), Taleo, CornerstoneOnDemand, Halogen, Saba ??? do not drive engagement at the employee level nor help build a performance culture. Typically, their #1 requirement is ??? ???employees must love using the software." The platform promises of Social Goals has to help every coworker stay on top of Mission, Vision, and Direction of the team or organization; no matter where their location or job position. The impact of Social goals can be a results driven culture for some, but for others it helps it helps bring remote workers, gen y, people managers, executives, and various sites/locations together - new work conversations and work relationships begin to flourish.

    Keep an eye out for WorkSimple. We have a FREE forever platform that you can test drive. Quickly you will get a sense if Social Goals is right for your organization today or in the near future.
  • RE: Salesforce makes an HR splash, buys Rypple

    I'm with Morgan - very exciting time in HCM - going social in 2012!