Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

Summary: Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, appears to be playing hardball with Apple as both companies aim to connect consumers on multiple screens from the TV to tablets to mobile devices. And the hostilities are just getting started.


Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, appears to be playing hardball with Apple as both companies aim to connect consumers on multiple screens from the TV to tablets to mobile devices. And the hostilities are just getting started.

In recent months, it has become increasingly clear that Samsung isn't going to give Apple ground in consumer electronics. The battle is worth watching since Apple could theoretically get into the TV business at some point. This Samsung-Apple duel will play out in mobile devices, tablet computing as well as your living room. Simply put, Samsung, unlike its rival Sony, isn't going to be caught flat-footed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

It's no surprise that Samsung has aligned with Google and its Android platform against Apple. To wit:

Samsung on Thursday will introduce its Galaxy Tab, which has been making the rounds, and is designed to be the first high-profile Android device designed to give the iPad a run. Here's the Thursday invite to Samsung's official launch.

Distribution and scale matter for Samsung as it take on Apple. The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Samsung has cut deals with Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint to distribute its Galaxy Tab in the U.S. It appears that Samsung's tablet will go for $200 to $300 with carrier subsidies. The big question here is whether consumers are overloaded with 3G plans. In any case, Samsung will undercut the iPad, which starts at $499. Also: Samsung Galaxy Tab (photos)

Samsung's Galaxy smartphones have been well-received. These phones are just the latest foot soldiers in the Android army, which is flooding the market to battle Apple's iPhone.

Meanwhile, Samsung is trying to woo TV app developers. This move appears to be an effort to get ahead of Apple's master plan to put iTunes and its App Store at the center of your entertainment center. The hockey-puck known as Apple TV is likely just a start to bigger things.

Samsung could be a Google TV partner. Bloomberg reports that Samsung may make Google TV powered sets as a way to defend one of its core markets.

Apple and Samsung will duke it out in the supply chain for components. There are only so many LCD screens to be had.

Add it up and is it any wonder that Samsung execs talk about topping the iPad. In the U.S., Jobs made it very clear he has no love for Samsung. Actually, Jobs took aim at Korean companies, but rest assured he wasn't talking about Hyundai. At Jobs' awkward Antennagate press conference a few months back he said:

"One thing I’ve learned is that when there’s a successful organization, people want to tear it down. It’s happening to Google now. Google’s a great company, but people are tearing them down. They’re doing the same thing to us. What’s the purpose in that? Would you prefer, that we’re a Korean company? Do you not like the fact that we’re an American company leading the world right here?"

Given the timing of Samsung's recent moves, it's possible that Jobs just gave Samsung some bulletin board material to rally around. Nothing can get a massive conglomerate on the same page as a common enemy. Jobs made his comments in July. Since then, Samsung has been on a bit of a run.

When folks talk about Apple, Google always comes up as the main foe. It may be worth mentioning Samsung in that same conversation. Samsung isn't about to quietly give consumer electronics ground to Apple, which resembles a consumer electronics company more than the Mac-fueled company from the past.

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  • Does anyone know

    If the Galaxy Tab will be available in a Wi-Fi only model? I'd like to pick one of these up if the price is right, but I don't want another AT&T contract :(
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Split Account Service is the Answer!

      @NStalnecker But doubt any provider would go for it. Like I have with Sony PS3. One account, but I can log into and use that one account on other PS3's too. Just not both at the same time. But it's all about service provider greed and if they don't watch out, that's what will kill them. People will either opt for using Galaxy Tab as their phone and slate. If not that, they'll simply just stick with their phones.

      Maybe that's what we need people to get fed up with being double charged when they can only use one device at a time anyway. Piss the manufacturer's off to point of getting with service providers that offer more attractive shared accounts like they do sharing minutes on two family phones.

      But anyway.... NStalnecker, these new Broadcom combo radios don't make it any cheaper to disable the 3G portion over letting people use both the Wifi and 3G phone. The difference in price to make two designs isn't going to gain any additional income either. It's all back to what Nvidia does selling you basically the same hardware, just charging more for the premium version with everything turned on!

      BTW.... rumors are that Samsung is working on WS7/Windows7 (actually that's the new in between OS not WP7 exactly) Galaxy Tab for them too. Just like Samsung Cetus (AT&T Galaxy version) w/WP7 is coming out first week of October!
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple


        3 US carriers are already on the ball: Verizon, At&t and Sprint.

        Your doubts have just been squashed.
    • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

      All signs point to no. Samsung doesnt have the ecosystem. My concern for developers is that the ads for the Samsung phones tout FREE apps in the online store. As if to say, hey buy our products so what to the developers. If the only way a developer will make money is via ad impression, and the number of apps keeps that are FREE keep growing, the price per Ad will plummet due to market saturation. But thats just my $.02
      • Duplicate

      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

        @mrgoodall Do you realize that Apple does not have any factories and are basically just a design house. Literally everything is manufactured and put together by outside contractors and as the biggest parts supplier to Apple, Samsung could...... (by merely refusing to sell them critical parts), put Apple out of business.

        Samsung is a Monopoly and they make some parts Apple can't get anywhere else. Like the processors in both iPhone and iPad! ....they literally make more chips than even Intel. They design industrial software and yeah they're just getting into the mobile phone software design and are already being touted as a major success. They make phones for everyone from Microsoft to Nokia parts. Use their OS even as a licensee, along with half a dozen others (including Android) and their own new BADA OS. Their program that does what iTunes only thinks it can do is awesome and a lot more stable:

        Their Samsung Media Hub market already boasts an extraordinary line up of content and will be on every single phone they make. Including the new Samsung Cetus (AT&T's first WP7 Halo Phone). Perhaps you've seen the viral ad, if you watch TV at all for it's launch with the Halo Reach content? ...nah you're an Apple iFantoid destined to be sucked into oblivion with them!!!! lolz.... as WP7 and Android blow right past CrApple!
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple


        You are right, an I am guesting Samsung already started squeezing Apple supple lines sometime ago, Super OMLED screens the Samsung Galaxy phone are simply so much better an the only explanation for them not being in the Iphone 4 is because Samsung said no to them.
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

        @Knowles2 Yes... they did tell them no!!! .....and they even told themselves no... on the Galaxy Tab until they get their new multi-billion dollar Fabrication Plant online next year. I think all they have are coming out of that new fabrication plant in Texas. Super AMOLED is so much better than Apple's rinky dink (die shrink for more pixels w/ slower than molasses in winter response times) Retina Screen. Do you know that they gave up contrast ratio and speed to get a ebook reader screen? How lame is that? lolz.... 25ms which is literally from the last century in the first models of digital screens. Not only that, but they have no idea how long those glued glass to touch interfaces are going to last. It's 5 layers deep and has to be replaced as a whole screen unit.

        Whereas SAMOLED is just TWO layers deep with the screen being made out of an single indestructible plastic layer with integrated touch interface. They have videos on YT with them being struck with hammers with no damage even while running. So even if you break the Gorilla Glass, you'll only need to replace alone. Which is so much cheaper and smarter. Plus it uses no backlight energy whatsoever!
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

        @mrgoodall Sure they do... Samsung TV + Samsung DVR/Sling box would be an ecosystem. They could in turn write something that amounts to a setup wizard for an SMB share on a Windows machine and have the media sharing software as well.

        Part of the issue with Apple though IS the ecosystem. Some companies do things better than others in certain spaces, I'd prefer not to have to have an end-to-end ecosystem to support something. What I could see Samsung doing is relying on something standards based as a huge selling point (Works with everything).
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple


        Reminder to self. Bookmark this posting so I can come back in a year or two for some good chuckle. Are people actually thinking Samsung (Sammy) is going to give Apple serious competition?
      • RE: i2fun

        Actually, right now, I'm trying to figure out how i2fun expects to be taken seriously when they use terms like CrApple and iFantoid (whetever THAT one means...), and even includes a lolz.

        Pretty classy, if you ask me.
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

        @i2fun@... "Samsung is a Monopoly and they make some parts Apple can't get anywhere else. Like the processors in both iPhone and iPad!"

        No, Apple bought and owns the company that makes the processors for both. In essence, they make their own chips now.
    • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple


      If they added Virgin Mobile, which runs on Sprint's 3G lines, it would be amazing... no contract and $40 a month for unlimited bandwidth.... But don't think that will ever happen.
  • There is NO Comparison Between the Giant... Samsung and the puny Apple!

    Apple is a moderately sized 40billion a year corporation. Whereas Samsung is a 200 Billion dollar a year Conglomerate! ....that's just in South Korea where the majority of their plants are. They now are multinational with new plants in India, China and elsewhere in the World. Including a new fabrication plant in Texas. They are the 5th largest manufacturing conglomerate on the planet and would rang higher than many nations as an Economic Power! ...poor Apple is just chump change to them and Apple resents the fact they have to rely on Samsung for 50% of the cost of iPhone 4 parts. Along with near 70% of iPad cost in parts also going into Samsung's pockets. That's when they are the ones supplying the screens too of course. Which they supply well over half of those!
    • Wow, talk about shooting your mouth off...

      @i2fun@... ...without letting facts get in your way.

      Apple, as of this minute, has a market cap of 240.6 billion. With over 40 billion cash in the bank. They even eclipse Microsoft, are calling them puny also!
      • You Have any Idea How Big Samsung Is? lol.... Go back school!

        @ShazAmerica Samsung spends 40billion a year just to build fabrication plants fool and the 200 Billion is yearly income for South Korea alone! lol... market cap? mwaaahaha... it's the 5th largest corporate entity in the World and Apple is maybe down around #50 if that! ....and Apple is solely invested in Soft Assets that can easily disappear overnight (no hard assets or factory they own)! .....and yes as far as the Global Economy goes, they are both (MS and Apple).. puny. Samsung would not be allowed to be based in this country. Because.... they are a bona fide Global Monopoly many times over and have no equal in the Electronics World except maybe Siemens and LG is close in some respects!

        As a silicon fabricator alone, they even top Intel. They are the largest Memory Maker, largest Screen Maker, make by far the most phones and parts in the World. The last 2quarters alone they've beat all other phone makers including their little South Korean cousins LG. They make chips, cameras, gyros, super computers, PC's, Laptops, Netbooks, HDTV's, BluRay Players, car parts and computers and the list just keeps getting larger. They are the single largest corporation in in a land of giants in South Korea. Every single thing Apple designs and can't build themselves has Samsung parts in. There is no computer made today that doesn't have Samsung parts in it!

        Just accept the fact that Samsung is Apple's BIGGEST friend and Competition in the entire World! :D
      • Wow, look who's talking


        Apple trading at 26+ times earning is ready to pop its bubble.

        Apple and the Myth of Market Cap
        [i]"But you have to ask yourself if Apple is really worth more than Microsoft or any of a number of other companies in the top-10 range in market capitalization. Apple is selling at something like 26 times earnings, which is pretty expensive. Will it stay there, or is this an example of that ?irrational exuberance? we heard about when the tech bubble burst? After all, Apple is nothing if not good at self promotion, and a lot of people, especially smaller investors, can buy into that without looking at the economics behind the stock value."

        One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.
        ~ William Feather[/i]
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple


        You make it sound like being "a bona fide Global Monopoly many times over" is a good thing...

        If anything you make me want to make sure I buy as little as possible from Samsung since it sounds like they have a strangle hold on the economy and are holding back competition (ie the thing that benefits everyone but themselves).
      • 40Billion is Chump Change to Samsung's Trillions! Sorry!!!

        "Korean chaebol Samsung Electronics turned in revenues of 37.89 trillion won for its second quarter, a rise of 17 percent compared to the same quarter year on year. It turned a net profit of 4.28 trillion won.

        Read more: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>

        Notice we're talking Trillion vs Billion!!!! Got that? ....and that's Global not what I stated was in South Korea alone. So....... again ShazAmerica:
        Year on Year with a net Profit of 4.28 Trillion dollars globally in just one quarter..... I can buy a whole basket full of Apples!!!! ;)
      • RE: Samsung won't quietly cede ground to Apple

        @ShazAmerica -compared to Samsung-yes.I see you didnt even bother to show the numbers for Samsung.As a American it gives me no pleasure to say that either,but I take some solice in the fact that at least they arent chinese owned