SAP CEO: Ballmer should have bought Yahoo

SAP CEO: Ballmer should have bought Yahoo

Summary: If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer were to call SAP CEO Henning Kagermann for advice on what he should do with his $40 billion to $50 billion the advice would be: Spend it on Yahoo.That call isn't totally out of the question given that Ballmer and Kagermann are partners on many fronts.


If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer were to call SAP CEO Henning Kagermann for advice on what he should do with his $40 billion to $50 billion the advice would be: Spend it on Yahoo.

That call isn't totally out of the question given that Ballmer and Kagermann are partners on many fronts. Microsoft could be calling SAP as a buyout target--the two have talked before--but Kagermann's advice was a bit of a shocker to me. The question was a throwaway for giggles given that everyone is still talking about the Microhoo saga.

"I'd encourage him to spend it on Yahoo. For Microsoft, the challenges are more on the side of the consumer space not the enterprise space," said Kagermann, who wasn't going to touch on what he would do if Ballmer came calling.

Following up, I asked: What about the integration? Kagermann smiled. He noted that if Microsoft were going to bid on Yahoo the chances are good that it would have had a solid integration plan.

Should Yahoo have taken the deal? Kagermann said it was unclear whether Yahoo can remain an independent company. Translation: Yeah, Yahoo should have taken the deal.

Topics: Social Enterprise, Microsoft, SAP

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  • MS shouldn't be allowed to buy any big companies

    They should get their own house in order first, release worthwhile OS's, and put an end to their sick anti-competitive bullying.

    The world needs free markets and competition to thrive, not one huge monopoly.

    The more MS can buy, the more the world will be subjected to Noddyware instead of innovation.
    • Sorry but that is not how the world works

      You have to choices, rant foolishly or learn to suck it up and deal with it.
      • And you choose the former

        [i]...rant foolishly or learn to suck it up...[/i]

        Why limit your choices to two? What's your favorite color, yes or no?

        As many asinine rants as you've posted, and you have the gall to call someones fairly decent post a rant? How's the EU treating you these days? (yes, you've been wrong about them too)

        You should try to relax once in a while, I do remember, long ago, you used to post intelligently, almost as if it were a different person entirely.
        Mike Hunt
      • So we are at the end of history regarding power politics are we? - NT

      • Could be true

        If they can maintain enough Microserfs like you, but lately, your numbers have been slipping. The times, they are a-changing. Relief could be just a download away.

        Tick-tock tick-tock tickity-tock-tock-tock
        Ole Man
      • suck it up

        Mostly we hear a sucking sound coming from you. Why haven't you grown up and stopped ranting.

        Please clue us in
  • Translation: he wants to do some deals with MS and is buttering Stevie up

    ahead of negotiations.
    • You could be right on that oir

      SAP saw a Microsoft/Yahoo deal as a new way to deliver their software offerings.
      John Zern
  • Walk-away power

    Microsoft walked away from the deal, Yahoo shares are down 20%....

    Hmm... sounds like a ploy to me. Microsoft will be back and will buy Yahoo for less than their initial offer.
    • Oh?

      Yahoo's shares went up because of the offer, and have gone down now it is withdrawn. What makes you think that they won't "mysteriously" go up again if Microsoft tries again? After all, there'd be great speculation money to be made whenever (if) they try it.
      • Yeah, speculators really made out. NOT!!!

        But like the other poster, I'd just sit back and watch the value erode. I see nothing to say it is stopping at $20 a share, in fact with all the stockholder law suits I think its going to go much lower.
        • You don't do well with predictions, do you?

          So why not quit while you're still behind?
          • lol...

            Axey does great on predictions as long as you don't pay attention to percentages. He'll predict a dozen different outcomes to the same situation, then when one of them happens (as they so often do because he managed to hit just about every possibility) he points to the one he got right conviently ignoring any references back to the eleven he got wrong.
          • I Have A Prediction

            No_Ax will continue to be the laughingstock of this web site for years to come.

            And you can take that to the bank.
          • He's predicted Silverlight will be a whopping success

            So we can all rest easy now ;-)
          • I thought his predictions were 100%

            Wrong, that is! Well, he might have been 0.01% right in one or two cases.
            Ole Man
          • 0.01%?

            Oh yeah, because he tries to cover all the bases!!
        • Silly Silly boy

          You Silly Silly boy.

          I think I will call your mom and let her know what you have been up too.

          Maybe they will re-impose that curfew on you.
          • Hey, I've been keeping up NT

            Your Mom 2.0
    • You must not have noticed......

      Microsoft shares haven't exactly been setting the market on fire either........

      Last Trade: 29.08 $
      Trade Time: May 5
      Change: Down 0.16 (0.55%)

      (and look at who is reporting the news........ Yahoo!)
      Ole Man