Scalix Wars: Return of the Farris

Scalix Wars: Return of the Farris

Summary: Try as we can to find kinks in the armor of Scalix's Outlook and Exchange killing Linux-based mail and calendaring solutions -- ones that could...

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scaxTry as we can to find kinks in the armor of Scalix's Outlook and Exchange killing Linux-based mail and calendaring solutions -- ones that could break the grip of one of the most stubborn-to-eliminate Windows desktop technologies (Microsoft's MAPI), and

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • No question, just a comment. ...

    Thanks, Julie for a great response! Even today, few vendors really 'get it' and, unfortunately, blogs continue to have more than their share of 'flames' rather than truly constuctive comments. Julie's willinging to seek out the wheat among the chaff is truly refreshing. Hmmm ... a question has come to me! We are a University and an Exchange shop with a significant number of Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux users. We need to provide a secure MacOSX MAPI client as well as a UNIX/Linux client which can provide Outlook functionality (especially calendaring) to Macintosh and Unix/Linux users. Can SCALIX provide such a client for an Exchange environment without switching to a SCALIX server environment as well?
    M Wagner
    • Response to "No question, just a comment...

      Thank you for your generous comments.

      If I understand your question, you are looking for MAPI based clients for Mac, UNIX and Linux desktop that work with MS Exchange. To clarify, Scalix's focus is on developing a new generation messaging platform that is based on Linux and Open Systems Architecture (OSA). Scalix provides support for Exchange, however this is achieved at the server-server level. Specifically,the following functionaity in a mixed Scalix and Exchange environment is supported:

      -RTF format of messages is preserved, eliminating the problem of messages degrading to ascii.
      -Calendaring and scheduling
      -Public folders
      -Directories and distribution lists

      If deploying a Scalix server in your environment is an option, Scalix Web Access(SWA), which is a desktop-grade email/calendaring client may meet your needs. SWA runs on all of the desktop platforms you're interested in, and supports Mozilla, Firefox and MS I/E.

      Alternatively, you might consider Novell Evolution for your Linux desktop users and Entourage for the Mac, both of which are supported by Exchange. I'm not aware of a rich email and calendaring client that runs under UNIX. I believe, however, that you could run OWA in a "degraded" mode under Mozilla. You will need to verify that this supported on the UNIX platform.

      Hope this provides some viable/useful alternatives.

      Founder, Scalix