Scott McNealy's Carly Fiorina moment?


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  • Don't think it will happen

    They're winning back customers. What will be the
    barometre isn't whether they get back into
    profitability, it is whether they can continue
    long term profitability and revenue growth.

    They've gotten by over the years, after the
    dot-con flop, just by cutting costs and cutting
    the head count, but at the end of the day, as the
    SAP CEO said, no one ever made money by cutting

    SUN need to fix their lack of ISVs and IHVs for
    Solaris x86 and SPARC, only then will they get
    the volume required to lower the costs and
    increase their profitability.

    The way they can do this? approach IHVs and ISVs,
    and use some of that $7billion to pay off
    companies to get them to port their software,
    hardware and so forth. Put that $7billion to some
    use rather than crapping on about "innovating new
    pricing plans".
  • Sun may merge to HP?

    Trend is that dying companies are merging to another dying to look good.

    HP = (((DEC)Compaq)Sun)

    Will this hapen? Unless IBM is not interested in Sun, this might happen!
  • can't really see hp buying them IBM Yes

    i really can not see hp making such a large merger i don't think they want to put up that kind of cash they are being a little consertive on the other hand IBM would have no problem with buying out Sun i think this would be the most likely choice
    • Merger talks

      I think M&A departments prefer to use other people's money. The stock price and cash horde are sufficient tinder.
  • Sun's past...

    ... has given them a lot of IP. Java alone is worth a lot.

    If they stopped making anything and just became a licensing company they'd be very profitable. And still have their $7 billion.

    I'm surprised there hasn't been any (more?) pressure on Sun to take this course. The stockholders may be waiting to see if these new initiatives work. If they don't, maybe Sun management will get orders to pull the plug.

    Mr. McNealy has already dropped the day-to-day operations, so he could keep right on going. If that's all he wants, keeping his office, I can see the company making the change to IP-only in the next 2 years.
    Anton Philidor
  • Not until the Scott and Bill show is over.

    Maybe it will happen, but stockholders want to see what happens with the Scott and Bill show. Give it a few months...