Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

Summary: Finally, Microsoft is responding to the long-running "Mac vs PC" advertising campaign and they're tapping Jerry Seinfeld to be the pitchman. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's $300 million campaign is kicking off with a $10 million bit with Seinfeld.


Finally, Microsoft is responding to the long-running "Mac vs PC" advertising campaign and they're tapping Jerry Seinfeld to be the pitchman. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's $300 million campaign is kicking off with a $10 million bit with Seinfeld.

It's too early to say whether the ads, set to debut September 4, can effectively counter Apple's ads featuring the stodgy "PC" guy engaging in friendly, competitive banter with hip "Mac" dude. The campaign is well-established and widely recognized.  Microsoft's campaign, which the WSJ says will use some variation of the slogan "Windows, Not Walls," appears to take a jab at Apple's proprietary hardware and software products - namely the iPod and iTunes - and their inability to play nice with other products.

It's money well spent for Microsoft, which has seen better headlines in its past. Windows Vista has had some technical shortcomings and critics have not been kind. A good campaign will tackle that perception head-on. At the same time, Apple - which is now seeing its own black eyes over iPhone problems - has picked up slices of market share in recent quarters. And the company's failed takeover of Yahoo - and subsequent involvement, albeit from the sidelines, in Yahoo's nasty proxy fight attempt - is the company's last real public appearance.

We'll be watching, Microsoft. And so will the guys in Cupertino, possibly to learn a thing or two for a makeover campaign they'll likely be needing soon.


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  • Why Seinfeld?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the guy's material but he's been out of the public eye for almost ten years now. Other than "Bee Movie", what's he done? Is he going to appeal to the same demographics as the "Apple vs PC" campaign?

    I always want to scream at those ads, "An Apple IS a PC! It's even got the same freakin' chip! If you're going after Microsoft, say so!"
    • re: Why Seinfeld?

      Whether or not he's been oit for 10 years is irrelevant. People know him [and more than the "Mac" guy who hasn't done too much himself [except for the forth Die Hard movie and he wasn't even using a Mac in that movie!]. Almost anyone in Nortm America will recognize and name Seinfeld. The "Mac" guy? Very few [he did play a goof/slacker in the TV show "Ed"].

      You also may have forgotten that as a comedian, Seinfeld has also been at various comedey festivals such as Montreal's Just for Laughs and elsewhere.

      Granted that he is possibly a bit older than the demographics might be going after.
      Gis Bun
      • Jerry is old...

        I wouldn't exactly call Seinfeld young and hip. The guy is like 50.
        • Bingo......50.

          The average age of a Mac User as of 2007. <br><br>
          So maybe MS is trying to go after the heart of the Mac demographics? ;)
      • Actually ...

        He was using a mac--had the cinema monitor too.
      • RE: Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

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    • Seinfeld was featured during Apple's historic Think Different campaign...

      Because Seinfeld was featured during Apple's historic Think
      Different campaign. A one-off commercial ran after the
      season finally of the show. Instead of Shaan Sahota
      opening her eyes at the end, the commercial closed with
      Jerry Seinfeld.

      Jerry Seinfeld was also a fan of the original Macintosh,
      which featured prominently on the show.

      Money is money.
      • RE: Seinfeld was featured during Apple's historic Think Different campaign.

        So, are you saying Jerry Seinfeld doesn't care about his
        personal choices in technology? Or that he is willing to pimp
        himself for filthy lucre????

        [b]Good God[/b] man, this is absolutely [i]terrifying[/i]!!! We
        have to make sure this [b][u]never[/u][/b] comes to pass!

        [b]Sweet Jeebus[/b]! It could mean the [b]end[/b] of the world
        as we know it!!!

        Why, if performers start doing stuff like this, next it could end
        up being.... [b][i][u]THE POLITICIANS[/u][/i][/b]!!!!

        Can you imagine it? If political '[i]votes[/i]' could be
        [i]bought[/i] or [i]sold[/i] or [i]traded[/i]??? At will??? Sheer
        • Neither...

          Neither, I said he was a fan of the original Macintosh.
          Technology changes and so do peoples' preferences.

          However, money changes more.
        • Um, calm down? [nt]

    • He is a comedian...

      and paid to present jokes. Essential qualities for a MS
      product spokesperson;-)
      Richard Flude
      • hmmmm.

        I guess that's why he had an Apple as a prop when he was actually doing comedy. ;)
        Now what are the OSS qualities again? <br><br>
        blochy, fat and lives in Mom's basement writing hack software and eating cheetos. I believe that's it. ;)
  • RE: Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

    Hah! I think it'll be funny. It's a great idea!
  • RE: Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

    Personally, never liked the comedy styling of Jerry Seinfeld. I'm not partial to the whining and other obvious childish renderings.

    But how apropos for Microsoft!!!!!!
  • A PC perspective was done about a year ago

    "Do you need a lift or are you goign to ride your unicycle?" - I laughed.
  • RE: Seinfeld to host the Microsoft Makeover

    Wonder how he'll work in his material about breakfast cereals, Superman, and laundry to make it apply to Microsoft?

    Seinfeld got his fifteen minute worth out of the stand-up fad long ago. He just isn't relevant anymore. Even at the pinnacle of his career he was only marginally funny... the writers (and Kramer's slapstick and mugging) are what made "Seinfeld" a great show.
    Your Mom 2.0
  • Finally!

    Seinfeld is only one part of the marketing campain. I'm sure they would of had Bernie Mac if he didn't die (RIP) Speaking of Mac's...Mac's are overrated and over priced in my opinion. Sure Microsoft has it's problems but without them, most of us wouldn't have jobs and most of the world wouldn't be going through the IT revolution/Evolution as it is. Besides, Microsofts biggest problem is hackers and now since Apple has been taunting them, they're starting to attack macks and anything else I-related. Besides Mac users will tell you it's a pain for them to find accessories for their machines. I worked at Bestbuy for a pilot program they had for a little bit as a side job and there were very few if no Wireless adapters for Macs on the shelf. Microsoft is like my wife. It pisses me off sometimes...heck a lot of times but I wouldn't trade it in.
    • You may have worked for Best Buy, but...

      ... it's obvious you didn't work with the Macs they sell.
      Why are there no wireless adaptors for Macs on the
      shelf? Because they don't need them! Every Mac built
      today, including the Mac Mini, includes wireless
      capability built-in!

      You say Macs are overpriced; well, I admit that they are
      priced higher than the average Windows box. But that's
      because the Mac includes hardware and capability not
      available in those 'average' machines; things you have
      to pay extra for. Once an 'average' machine is brought
      up to the capabilities of the next-nearest Mac, the
      Windows box costs just as much, if not more.

      Going back to the advertising though, I personally
      believe Microsoft should have chosen somebody more
      popular with todays' demographic or started somebody
      new. If you're trying to change your image, you want
      that image to better represent your goals, and Seinfeld
      isn't going to help them.
      • Welcome to 2001

        Wow, mac's have built in wireless. Glad to see they caught up with my Laptop from like 2001, or was it the 90's. It's been so long I forgot.

        What hardware do Mac's include that PC's don't. You mean like dual core, quad core, hyperthreading, firewire, SATA 2, SLI graphics? Before you say that's not average hardware you might want to do some research, it is average hardware for today. Of course you have to do a little vendor shopping. Oh wait you're right, the Mac does have something PC's don't have. A single vendor. Dang, got us there.
      • Cost as much?

        I got a 17" laptop with 19x12 res. for pure 1080p, 2.5Ghz penryn core 2 duo, dual 7200 rpm sata drives, 512MB of discrete video RAM on an awesome GPU that can share at least half of the 4GB of 800Mhz system RAM if needed on top of the half GB dedicate, built in webcam and mic, fingerprint reader, easy pull power cable that comes out even more easily than a magnetic connector if tripped on, Vista Ultimate 64 bit (Apple still does not have a fully 64 bit OS. Even though they incorrectly list Leopard are full 64 bit on their website. <br><br>
        I got that for 1400.00 7 to 8 months ago. It's around 1000.00 to 1200.00 now. My Uncle bought a brand spanking new Macbook Pro 17" at nearly the same time for over 2800.00 bucks. It had one 5400 rpm drive. Same was 2.6Ghz, only 2GB of RAM and Apple had the nerve, for over 2800.00 bucks, to put in 2 - 1 GB modules and not 1 2GB memory module. I expect that on the low end Acer PCs and such, but i found that hard to believe.
        My PC also has entertainment quality speakers, tv tuner and more.
        It is well built and uses the same components of the Apple. I'm very happy and pleased with my machine. <br><br>
        Meanwhile, my Uncle had to send his MBP back for heat related failure already. <br><br>
        So much for that "greater value" at a comparable price.