Seven versions of Longhorn rumored to be on the way

Seven versions of Longhorn rumored to be on the way

Summary: SuperSite for Windows publisher Paul Thurrott is saying that, beginnining in May 2006, Microsoft will start to trickle out what will amount to seven...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

SuperSite for Windows publisher Paul Thurrott is saying that, beginnining in May 2006, Microsoft will start to trickle out what will amount to seven editions of Longhorn, each

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • over promise, under deliver?

    It will be interesting to see how new Longhorn functionality would be differentiated across these versions...
    chris jablonski
  • Maybe they'll sue Thurrott

    ... for publishing trade secrets in advance of Gates' announcement? (Sorry, still not over the thing.)

    None of these seems too surprising, considering we already have the Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet editions of XP. We knew that a stripped-down version was in the works for non-U.S. usage. (And a Media Player-less version for the EU.)

    The "Uberedition" seems interesting, strangely. I guess I kinda figured this would be the default. But maybe only masochist nerds like me want that does-everything version.

    Stephen Howard-Sarin
    Stephen Howard-Sarin
  • Forget about about Indiana!

    I remember when I received "Windows 286 Runtime Version" with my newly purchased copy of Aldus' Pagemaker application; the program fit on one floppy disc and came with the application.

    I remember when I made the decision to get a computer; surrounded by fellow students who had no challenges aquiring money (Most simply were thrown materialisms to keep them out of the hair of their two-income parents and was probably the social 'match' used to strike the 'script-kiddies' fire.), I was forced to slowly put together a 286, over a three-month period, so I could run Pagemaker; for some reason, my wife and two daughters felt the need for shelter (a $92-a week motel room holding four bodies) and food (Ever make spaghetti with a packet of ramin noodles, catsup and a can of sliced mushrooms, for a family of four?)was more important than my obtaining the tools needed to continue to work in the graphics industry.

    I recognized that the days of cold press typesetting, Format(c) lettering for headlines, PMT's and frisket used in photo placement and color seperation, were coming to an end. The price of producing commercial art for freelance clients would go up, since a 25-cent pencil and a $8 Rapidograph technical pen were now replaced by $200+ 'pencils' (the PC) and $100+ 'pens' (applications).

    It's been over twenty years since I began 'chasing the digital dragon,' and financially, I'm not much better off than I was when I got that first software packages.

    What made Windows attractive was that the OS and a 'blue box' (as we, at college, use to refer to IBM-compatible PC, keyboard and monitor, because of the blue in the IBM logo) cost LESS than an Apple-Soon-To-Become-MacIntosh computer.

    Boy have times changed; now we will have seven new 'outfits' we can soon dress our Windows environments in, each one costing more than the original computer I kluged together, and Apple is the one looking at turning out an 'economic' Mac.

    When are people going to learn that there is a large population of individuals who will need computer skills in order to economicly survive in the future, but not at the expense of killing the financial budget of economicly distressed families. Yes, 'Net Day' was a grand proposal, but how many inner city children still are without access to a computer at their school, yet alone coming up with the money to pay the electricity bill at the home that is computerless.

    For Ghod Sake, Bill! Release a stripped down version of Windows for the economicly-challenged here in the good old USA. And while your at it, roll out a stripped down version of Office, as well.
  • What about the servers?

    I didn't notice any server editions there - or are these specifically only the desktop/laptop version? And when is the server(s) joining us?