Shouldn't Outlook stop spam with foreign characters?


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  • <snicker>

    You're STILL using the virus, worm invested Outlook?
    You get what you deserve then...
    • <snicker>

      What OTHER e-mail client does this that's programmable. I've written an extensive amount of VB code to make my e-mail processing more productive (I wrote an auto-replier). I'm not adverse to rewriting that code.. but what other e-mail software is so easily customizable?

      • Most are

        Most email clients are customizable - what you REALLY mean is what clients will be around tomorrow? Rewriting code for an app that disappears tomorrow is not a good use of your time. Most Lookout issues are with people clicking on attachments - if you avoid doing that, it isn't quite so bad. I wouldn't rewrite your code until you move full-time to Linux - which should be about two years from now . . . ;)
        Roger Ramjet
    • Are you still stuck in the 20th century...

      ...before Microsoft patched Outlook 98 and up to stop attachments from executing, even being displayed? Or are you still repeating that tired old bromide that ignores facts from the last 5 years?

      Grow up, educate yourself, and then spout, if you have anything left to spout about, which I doubt.
      Confused by religion
  • That is a US centric viewpoint

    For all the non english speaking users of Outlook inside and outside of the US, this would not work.
    • Works the same

      It would be a LOT easier to filter out English - don't you think?
      Roger Ramjet
    • re: US centric viewpoint


      The idea is to filter out by languages. I'm not suggesting a US centric piece of software. I'm suggesting an example of the sort of functionality that anyone should have. The system knows when its accessing foreign language fonts. If you don't recognize alphabets other than your own, you should be able to filter on that basis. So, just the same way I might want to filter out Asian e-mail, some Asians may want to filter out English.
      • That is a better way to look at it

        It may also point out why the solution is harder than it first seems. There are several ways to handle the various languages. The best and most flexible is Unicode. But not everyone has adopted Unicode yet. So, it may be hard to provide users of Outlook with a simple way to specify 'languages that they do not understand'.
  • The WORLD is now speaking English...

    ...Finland, China, the Trobriand Islands, you name it. Try to carry on a SCIENTIFIC DISCUSSION in Swahili...can't be done.
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    • The WORLD is now speaking English...

      No argument there. But given the built-in anti-spam capabilties of today's e-mail clients, shouldn't they provide end-users with an option to filter e-mail that can't even be understood?
    • Then why do we need Unicode?

      If that were the case, we could get by with ASCII. But, there are a lot of people who still speak national languages (Japanese, French in Canada, and French in France are just a few examples).
  • Thank you

    My mother, who is 62 years old, called me to ask me what was wrong with her email because the text in a specific email was "all messed up" and she couldn't read it.

    I had her forward it to me and, you guessed it, it was just Outlook displaying Russian language Spam.

    When I told her what it was, without missing a beat she asked, "Well can't you filter that out for me?"

    If this thought occurs to her, why has it not occured to the software geniuses (genii?) at Microsoft?
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • I agree with your point but

    Wouldnt it be trivial to write a bit of VB to do it? and since being able to do that is one of your reasons for not switching to a better program why not just do it?

    Of course an adaptave filter like many other programs have would figure it out pretty easily, even if they cant do it explisitly.