Steve Jobs: A look at his three CEO acts (video)

Steve Jobs: A look at his three CEO acts (video)

Summary: CNET looks at Steve Jobs and his roles at Apple, Next and Pixar.


Here's a look at Steve Jobs and his three acts as a CEO---Apple part 1, Pixar and Next and Apple the rebirth. Also see: Steve Jobs: Thinking through his CEO legacy

Topics: CXO, Apple

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  • The man sure knew how to get in front of a camera

    I'll give Steve Jobs credit for that. He was the best at taking credit for the hard work of others.
    • RE: Steve Jobs: A look at his three CEO acts (video)

      @toddybottom Where is your proof? If you re going to make assertions it is always advisable to have proof.
    • Vision

      All great products require a visionary to guide their invention and production. Jobs was never an engineer, true, but he is a visionary. He may be the most effective visionary that corporate America has seen in our lifetimes. If you think that leading a company like Apple to where it is today isn't hard work, well I guess we know why we'll never here about CEO Toddybottom.