Survey: Cloud confusion among IT could slow enterprise adoption

Survey: Cloud confusion among IT could slow enterprise adoption

Summary: A survey of IT professionals found that there's still plenty of confusion surrounding cloud computing - and until it clears, adoption of cloud technologies in the enterprise may be delayed.


When it comes to cloud computing, there are a number of people whose definition of it is, well, still in the clouds. What makes that worse is that those people who are still confused by what cloud computing is actual IT professionals, many of whom still see it as "more hype than substance."

With "cloud computing" still bringing up a number of different definitions and perceptions in the IT community, there are concerns that the adoption of cloud computing technologies among the enterprise may be stalled, according to a survey of IT professionals released today.

A survey commissioned by SaaS email security company Proofpoint found that 40 percent of IT professionals said they were confused by the term while more than half (52 percent) said no. Of the respondents, 33 percent said the believe cloud computing to be more hype than substance while 24 percent "weren't sure." In a press release, Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele:

Any great paradigm shift, cloud computing included, will always be accompanied by hype and a fair amount of confusion. So we're not surprised to see those percentages, even among the power users -- IT professionals. There's still a significant amount of 'fear, uncertainly and doubt' surrounding data security and financial payback issues."

If the IT departments are still confused about the cloud, can you imagine what the feelings are among the executive ranks? The respondents didn't seem to confident about their leaders' understanding - with only 24 percent believing that their CEOs could define cloud computing and 59 percent saying their CEOs wouldn't e able to do it. IT professionals were less confident about their company finance directors, with only 10 percent saying their finance heads could define the cloud.

The respondents were split on their opinions of security in the cloud, with 50 percent believing that they would be at greater risk of having their data compromised or being in violation of government regulations. The survey found that 43 percent believed that cloud computing is less secure than managing things in house while in-house while 26 percent felt otherwise and 31 percent were not sure.

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  • Security - Connectivity?

    Can the connectivity be guaranteed, if a glitch
    occurs and thousands of customers are left
    hanging saving $500 is hardly worth it.

    Plus, the security holes when dealing with data...
  • Instead of worrying about....

    whether your are using the cloud or any other "buzz word" technology IT pros need only worry that they are developing their architecture to fit the needs of their company. Most companies are going to use a combination of various buzz words. In fact, terminology such as cloud, SOA, SaaS, need to be thrown out of the picture. Trying to determine what you are using is nothing but a waste of time.

    A good IT pro knows what his company needs and will set up his/her architecture accordingly. The IT pro is not going to be concerned if his architecture fits into someone elses definition of a buzz word.

    My company needs specific functions to be carried out in its IT. They expect the IT to handle tasks that service each department in specific ways. They don't need the cloud and they don't need SOA and they don't need any other buzz word you want to throw their way. They simply want their IT to be their for them to get their jobs done.

    Any IT pro that is even thinking "cloud" is wasting his time and the company's. All he needs to be thinking about is how he is going to service the IT needs of his company. Once you start focusing on these buzz words then you have lost sight of your company and its needs.

  • Well here's one VERY GOOD reason to question cloud security...

  • RE: Survey: Cloud confusion among IT could slow enterprise adoption

    It will be interesting to see what areas of IT respondents come from? I suspect that there would be corelation between answers to the questions of the survey and areas in IT from where respondents come from.

    To better understand this survey results and conclude that "IT could slow enterprise adoption of the cloud" we should look at more details...

    1. Survey more IT folks with proper segmentation (Role, Responsiblity, Industry etc..)
    2. Analyze survey results on more dimensions (Industry segments/Areas of IT/Roles of the respondents etc...)

    Vish Agashe

    PS: Almost Every company and IT is using SaaS applicatoin for hosting their online meetings :)
  • Another survey - this time of IT architects

    We just conducted an independent survey (*not* vendor sponsored) of 350+ IT architects globally about Cloud Computing perceptions and usage - and the findings were quite different from these. We actually found pretty positive sentiment about the value of Cloud Computing - although there are of course some concerns, around 20% of respondents reported they'd already seen ROI from their investments.
    You can find some more information about the study here: