Symantec launching 'first' data loss prevention option for tablets

Symantec launching 'first' data loss prevention option for tablets

Summary: Symantec has unveiled what it dubs as the "the first comprehensive data loss prevention" option for protecting sensitive data on tablet computers.

TOPICS: Security

Keeping data secure on mobile devices, especially tablets as they're being used in the workplace more and more, is a pressing issue for IT at the moment.

Although many corporations are keeping an open mind to what is becoming known as the consumerization of IT, Symantec reports that 47 percent of the 3,300 respondents surveyed worldwide affirmed that mobile computing is making it more difficult to provide online security.

Thus, Symantec is trying to answer this call by unveiling its Data Loss Prevention for Tablet solution, which it touts as the "first comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) solution for the monitoring and protection of sensitive information on tablet computers."

Designed primarily for current Symantec DLP customers, the product is intended to work with corporate and personal email, web communications, common tablet applications as well as protect confidential data whether the user is connected via 3G or Wi-Fi. At the heart of it, the idea is to enable organizations to support work and personal use concurrently, but also give IT security professionals the ability to monitor and control the transmission of confidential data from these devices.

Naturally, there are a number of other security measurements integrated, including encryption solutions ranging from full disk encryption and removable storage to email and server solutions. But also the tablet software will work with Symantec's PGP Viewer for iOS, which enables employees of organizations with Symantec's PGP Universal Server to send, receive and view encrypted messages on iOS devices.

Symantec's Data Loss Prevention for Tablet solution for Apple's iPad will roll out first in early 2012, and it will be priced per tablet. Android support will follow at a later date.

For now, Symantec's PGP Viewer for iOS is available to download from the Apple App Store.


Topic: Security

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