Symantec stumbles amid customer deferrals, ERP installation

Symantec stumbles amid customer deferrals, ERP installation

Summary: Symantec's fiscal third and fourth quarter results will fall short of expectations because of a combination of factors: --Weak performance in the company's data center management business, notable the company acquired when it bought Veritas;--Higher deferrals of enterprise maintenance contracts;--And higher costs from "the implementation of our new ERP system.


Symantec's fiscal third and fourth quarter results will fall short of expectations because of a combination of factors:

--Weak performance in the company's data center management business, notable the company acquired when it bought Veritas;

--Higher deferrals of enterprise maintenance contracts;

--And higher costs from "the implementation of our new ERP system."

The company cut its earnings estimate to 10 to 11 cents a share from 14 to 15 cents a share and its revenue forecast to $1.29 billion to $1.31 billion from $1.31 billion from $1.15 billion. Excluding items, the company lowered its earnings estimate to 24 to 25 cents a share from 29 to 30 cents, and its revenue projection to $1.30 billion to $1.32 billion from $1.32 billion to $1.35 billion. For fiscal fourth-quarter, the company expects adjusted earnings of 18 to 20 cents a share, below Thomson Financial estimates of 32 cents.

This leaves a few interesting questions unresolved:

--What was the cause of the deferrals? Slower spending in the enterprise?

--Are things just going to get worse amid a brewing antivirus price war?

--What happened with the ERP implementation and who was the vendor and consultants involved?

Topic: Enterprise Software

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  • Symantec is failing in every way....

    I deal with thousands of computers a year, most of which have Symantec products pre-installed. The average home user knows they need antivirus software, so they stick with Norton when there sunscription runs out, unaware of free programs that work much better such as AVG FREE. (

    So Symantec has a greater portion of the security market cornered due to their contracts will most major PC manufacturers. The problem is they have re-routed corporate assets toward expanding their company, such as the Veritas aquisition, when they should be focusing on the quality of their products and customer service. I have seen Symantec's software cause more problems than viruses themselves lately!

    We recommend removal of all Symantec related products excluding Ghost to all of our clients and will continue to do so as long as Symantec ignores the home end users that made their business in the first place.

    For an all in one symantec removal tool visit
    • I am in total agreement

      I was a loyal reseller of Symantec products for 13 years but have had to fire them. In my opinion, the products, particularly Norton AV, have become bloated causing severe performance issues. Renewals fail more often than they work, removal has always been an issue and while their support has improved of late, still falls short of acceptable.
      Hart L
    • left Norton long ago

      I got rid of the Norton software long ago. One of the absolute worst parts was trying to get it all off my computer. I'm just a regular old home small business person.I should have needed explicit directions to get rid of it all. I won't ever buy their products again.
      • EXACTLY -- removal is impossible

        I complained about removing Norton on a computer on a message board and a fanboy (employee) castigated me for not knowing I should go to Norton's site and download their "removal tool". What? WHY should I have to do that? Since when does "UNISTALL" in the program folder or Add/Remove function in Windows not work? Oh, when you have Norton crap on your computer.
        • Symantec removal

          I also am dealing with the problems associated with removal. Even the removal tool failed. I've now found almost all of the remnants of the program but am still trying to get rid of the last remnants. I will never go back to symantec nor recommend it to customers.
      • boy, can i relate

        I got rid of all Symantec products about 2 years ago. A free 3 month trial is also installed on my computer, not by choice, and I do a complete reconfig about twice a year and I have to go through it all over again, but it's worth the hour it took the first time I deleted all of their embedded files (I've got it down to a science now) to have a computer with high speed internet that actually works at high speed.
  • Long Time Customer

    I have been a long time customer of Symantec, using both their Internet Security and SystemWorks suites. The past couple of years i've noticed more problems when using them such as boot-up times, error messages, computer running slow. Worst of all is when the require you to update their software over the internet, I know damn well after it's finished installing there will be some problem or other.
    I'm upgrading to Vista at the end of the month and taking the opportunity to look elsewhere. I loved GoBack, but that isn't being updated for Vista...
  • Symantec +Veritas

    The Veritas component of Symantec has no foothold in commodity computing (e.g., x86,x86-64 Linux and Windows). They have very a very limited portfolio of products for this that growing segment and those products they do have are not competitive. Meantime, their stronghold (Legacy Unix data management) is in trouble because that is a mature/shrinking market and the providers of those platforms (most notably Sun) are starting to provide products that compete with the Veritas portfolio (e.g., Foundation Suite versus Sun ZFS).

    The following URL discusses Veritas Foundation Suite on Linux as compared to alternative offerings in the marketplace:
  • I used to install symantec

    on just about every computer I worked on. Now I uninstall it every time I see it... Mcaffee too. They're both bloated with feature creep. I'm still ticked about sygate as well.

    That's not just the AV, I've dumped pc anywhere and use vnc, dumped ghost for acronis and who needs winfax anymore?
    skeptic tank
    • Same here

      Symantec's products have just become entirely too bloated, resource-hungry, unstable, and expensive. The update process is cumbersome; it's taken me nearly an hour to fresh-install NIS by the time you get through all the updates and reboots (and that's assuming you can get the old Norton installation to uninstall cleanly, which is a crap shoot).

      And just to add insult to injury, Symantec's security software doesn't even work well anymore. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go into Safe Mode with SysClean and SpyBot, plus spend hours manually cleaning the filesystem and registry, on systems with current and real-time enabled NIS installations. Norton has been slipping ever since Peter stopped writing the code, but nowadays it's just a mess.

      And then there's System Works. AAAAARGHHH!!!

      So these days, instead of PC Anywhere, I'm using Works better with much less overhead.

      For antivirus, I'll use nothing except Trend Micro or AVG anymore. Symantec and McAfee just don't cut it.

      Instead of Ghost, you can try Acronis. But better yet, install a second HD and make a bootable clone daily with CasperXP. Reduces downtime to minutes in the event of a HD crash or Windows biting the dust. Better than RAID, in a way, for workstations, because the second drive won't die along with the first when you have a registry meltdown. Just make the clone the primary, and you're back up again.

      It's really no wonder Symantec is in trouble. The best thing they could do would be completely rebuild every product in ther line from scratch. (Hiring some support people who speak English wouldn't hurt, either.)
      • Double Ditto

        I also used to install System Works on every new computer I supported....until it started causing more problems that it fixed. I recently received a new Dell laptop with preinstalled Symantec software. Worked fine for 6 days, then slowed down to a crawl, numerous error messages, and finally the program telling me that the trial license was about to expire! Formatted the hard drive (uninstall of the software was a joke at best), reinstalled the OS and other apps EXCEPT anything Symantec, and it is running as smooth as [insert your preferred saying here]. I also agree with cloning your hard drive onto a second hard disk. This saved my hiny last month (not to mention hours of time trying to restore backups). I took it one step further by having my "cloned" drive in a removable carrier that I swap out with another one every other day.
  • Ask the customers why

    I'll tell you why...

    Lousy service. Go read the forums. I recieved a renewal notice in Dec on some veritas software. But it did not cover everything I had purchased for my company a year earlier. They still have not resolved this. So some of the software is covered by maintenance, but not all of it.

    I called my vendor, who called them, last week, and they still have not responded to the issue.

    I'm a customer waiting to pay for support, and they can't find me. Gee, I wonder why earnings dropped...

    I did renew the support on what they did notify me about, (in December) but guess what!-they called yesterday wondering why I haven't renewed? What happens if I need support?

    Then try navigating their license site. It makes no sense, is not intuitive and seems designed to drive customers away. I shouldn't have to read a honkin' pdf to use a web site...

    I am an enterprise customer, the kind that they are trying to woo, and yet they provide lousy service.

    Is anybody home???
  • Symantec

    I really used to like "SOME" of their products.
    Norton antivirus
    About the only thing left is their home antivirus package thats any good
    Winfax they quit on
    Talkworks they quit on
    Norton Ghost they have just released a new version called Ghost suite.
    I have no idea what someone was thinking when they released this but it sucks major dung.
    It is nothing like ghost 10. Its so complicated that i have now dropped the ghost idea and am going to Acronis True image.
    If you cant listen to the customers then you will fail period
  • Symantec Confused and confusing (or is it Dazed and Confused?)

    I too am deeply disappointed with the confusion that is Symantec. From renewals for the small business product on which they got the dates wrong, to bloatware of product, to confusion of product, it is a sever challenge to do business with these guys. I went to their site to review if there was an upgrade to the Powerquest products (which they acquired and then disappeared), and promptly became lost in corpspeak which was focused around "solutions" but never revealed "product". At this point, when my license is again up for renewal, I am going with the AVG product, and recommending it to others. I have bought another product for repartitioning my server and am recommending it to others, and when it comes to replacing my DriveImage I will look elsewhere for alternatives. Bottom line, a company that bought too many too quickly and took its eye off the ball. It is in sever trouble if they don't get the alarm bells ringing.
  • I probably won't buy NAV anymore

    First of all, we had several rebates that were rejected when we had enclosed all the information, then the updated NAV that we bought presuming we would get a rebate--but then never got it-- goofed up my laptop so badly I had to reformat it. They need to really shape up or they will lose market share.
    • They've already lost market share

      I switched to free antivirus and antispyware products years ago after Symantec failed to adequately block spyware, viruses, malicious cookies, infected emails etc. Their poorly designed software also slowed my PC to a crawl even with broadband access and their renewal prices were a joke. I also had a hard time figuring out exactly what Symantec products were doing because the logs suck and they hide their processes. The Symantec interfaces are horrible and hard to properly configure for any average home user. I've never had a virus infection or any Windows crashes since removing all Norton products. I've installed AVG on my computers and the computers of any friends who had Norton issues because a real friend never lets any other friend use Symantec products. And I always tell my friends to tell another friend. Bite the dust Symantec!
  • Symantec

    I admit that I was a loyal customer of Norton products. I started with Norton AV 6.0, then Norton Desktop 2.0. Upgraded constantly. The last Symantec products I had were Systemworks 2005, and Internet Security 2005. I had to reinstall Windows, depending upon the operating system ('95, '98, ME, and XP Pro)every 3-6 months. It took me long enough to figure out that Norton was the problem. I uninstalled both suites (no easy task since the uninstalls did not completely uninstall) about 2 years ago..I've not had to reinstall since. The other complaints are valid - my computer boots and runs much faster without Symantec on the hard drive.

    Symantec's income is dropping??? I wonder why??? Between the pro's that have already commented about taking Symantec off the systems they work on, and folks like me (an everyday Joe) to the list. I won't buy Symantec again. AVG works just fine as an anti-virus. I have reverted to Windows firewall, which is behind a hard wired firewall, and added NoScript to block scripting internet pages.
  • Symantec Antivirus

    I refused to purchase Symantec for a new computer I purchased in 2003. I now use McAfee instead. Symantec was more than just a pain in the neck about everything. Installation and re-installation - what a nightmare!!! It took so long to download and install/re-install updates! Who has that kind of time? I also could never completely get it out of my machine. Virus scan took so long and it froze my machine so bad while it was scanning I couldn't do anything else. I feel the same way about the System Tools after I used them for a little while. What a total waste of money! I'm sorry Norton, but get out and don't come back!
  • Symantec Fumbled the ball with the customer

    Their AV interferred with several programs, they were unable to solve the problem. The subscription ran out, neither I not they were able to remove it. The offer to renew continued until I recycled the notebook. It seems that Symantec's attitude as spread to ACT/Sage also! I will never use Symantec! I never miss an opportunity to tell some one to stay away from bot of them.
  • Symantec issues

    I have used Norton Antivirus until recently. I have seen some of the same issues with crashing, slow running etc. I purchased a new HP laptop this summer, it came with Norton internet security 2006. When the trial period ran out I installed my previously purchased Norton internet security 2006, I was not able to activate it. After several attempts, I finally called their customer service line only to find that they too have "outsourced" their service to India. I was finally told that they would not allow me to activate it on more than one computer. This was the first time I had ever had a problem. If this is the way they want operate, it is no wonder they are losing customers. I will never bother them with my money again.