Tech salaries: Experience and location matter

Tech salaries: Experience and location matter

Summary: There are many things to consider when looking for or accepting a job and salary based on location and years of experience are helpful tools. analyzes salaries among tech workers to see which cities are most lucrative and/or offer the most opportunity to grow.

TOPICS: IT Employment, CXO, Legal

When guidance counselors talked to you about mapping your career, this probably isn't quite what they meant.

A survey by, a career and workplace community, tracked the salaries of tech workers by years of experience and location and found that Silicon Valley - with its high cost of living - isn't the only place for techies to make a living and allow their careers to grow.

The salary comparison chart serves a couple of purposes. Of course, it's good data to have when job seekers are considering whether relocating is the best option for them or their careers. It's also there to spot trends and possibly help people map their careers.

For example, Seattle may be a tech center, but the glassdoor findings see that the Washington D.C. area now offers higher salaries for experienced tech workers with 10+ years experience than Seattle does. Chicago, on the other hand, offers the most growth opportunity from rookie to a veteran 10+ year worker.

And while the San Francisco Bay Area and New York regions consistently offer the highest salaries, they also bring the highest costs of living across the nation.

Topics: IT Employment, CXO, Legal

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  • experienced tech workers with 10 years experience

    Most workers with 10+ years of experience are experienced.

    You can come out ahead making less money and working in a lower cost of living area.
    • RE: Tech salaries: Experience and location matter

      Agreed, the difference pay doesn't make up for the extra cost of living in those areas. Who can afford a million dollars for a 1700 sq ft home?
  • Age of org's biz model (implying workforce) matter here

    Seattle and San Francisco tend to have lower salaries because those locations tend to have younger organizations implementing newer technologies which tend to value younger workers with the latest skills.

    Washington DC and NYC tend to have more established organizations where interfacing with older systems and implementing systems in a compliance-based method matter far more.

    For example, eBay and Citibank are both financial organizations. Citibank's approach to finance is more highly regulated than eBay's approach has been. Consequently, eBay will tend to have a much younger, lower paid workforce than Citibank.

    I might suggest that the combination of mean age and workforce churn as well as mean salary would make for a better understanding of the issue.