The biggest threat to social networking: Idiots

The biggest threat to social networking: Idiots

Summary: Warning: This is a Friday rant that's slightly off the beaten path, but I'm having a bad social networking week.Perhaps I'm feeling a bit antisocial, but this social networking thing has been quite annoying of late.


Warning: This is a Friday rant that's slightly off the beaten path, but I'm having a bad social networking week.

Perhaps I'm feeling a bit antisocial, but this social networking thing has been quite annoying of late. First, there's the Google Latitude announcement where the big benefit is in tracking friends every step (and allowing them to track you). Oh joy. Why don't we just implant chips in our heads and get it over with?

And then there's the 25 things meme on Facebook. Learning 25 things about your peeps was kind of fun--until everyone started doing it. Now I know 250,000 things about my friends. I'm numb. Even worse: I don't care anymore.

But that's only prelude to the reason why social networking has me down. Fact is that social networking sites give people a venue to whine about things that they have no business bitching about in the first place. In the real world, you'd just slap these people upside the head and get it over with.

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Enter the mortgage broker's wife on Facebook. You see, she's complaining about the fact she can't go to Las Vegas on her husband's Wells Fargo junket that was just canceled over some seriously bad PR.

Well, that's just oh so sad. And then there's her husband, Mr. mortgage broker who posted a big ode about his bank and how it has been wronged by the press over this Las Vegas junket--the one he and his wife wanted to attend. Turns out his bank took some U.S. Treasury money and there are a few strings attached. Boo hoo.

If social networking didn't exist these two people would just bitch and moan to themselves--and maybe a handful of others. Instead, social networking enables a lot more people to be exposed to this whining.

There is one bright side to this. All of this new media allows me to share my response to this whoa-is-me-I-can't-go-to-Vegas-on-a-junket-tale. The response goes something like this:

"Wah. I can't go to Vegas." Well, give me a #@$# break, dude. You're lucky to even be working. A) You're a mortgage broker (evil). B) You work at a bank. If your dumb arse worked at Countrywide, IndyMac or a dozen others you'd be unemployed. The difference: Dumb #@$@# luck. You should count your blessings. As for the bailout I have two words--make that three. Tough bleeping bleep. Given that the taxpayer gave you dough--you dumbies took it--you have to deal with the strings attached--and one of them should be your salary. Is it just me or is it truly whacked that you benefited on commissions the entire way up on this mess (and you helped it along) and now benefit since all the idiots you gave a mortgage to are now refinancing because they couldn't afford it in the first place.

The one upside to social networking: Defriending. Hey, perhaps it isn't so bad after all.

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  • Way to go, Lar....

    That's a side of you I've never seen. I like it. :-)
    • Another upside...

      It does put a human face on the situation. And by human face, I mean the self-absorption and unrestrained greed that got us into this mess in the first place.

      And I second MGP2!
    • Wow Larry, that post was so full of cynicism that.... could easily pass as a fellow Brit!

      Superb rant btw!
  • RE: The biggest threat to social networking: Idiots

    Idiots and the media who HAVE to have a page.
  • Social Networking is for Idiots to begin with.

    Any time I've ever looked at any of this stuff, my reaction has always been "who cares" and "this is nothing but crap" and "why in the world would I want to put this sort of thing on a public web site".

    From what I've seen, its almost universally whining idiots. A venue for posting their wining on the internet makes them feel important.
    • c'mon

      ZDnet isn't THAT bad (assuming the blog post has nothing to do with
      Linux, MS, or Apple) :P
    • ditto

      i've always felt exactly the same about social networking sites, and thought maybe its because i was getting old. glad to know i'm not alone.

      i dont know how the youngsters these days define the term "friend", but i feel that many of their "online friends" arent really their friends at all. Are any of those buddies on facebook willing to loan you 5000 bucks to tide you over when you are suddenly out of a job? if not, then I dont consider them to be friends.
  • But look at the bright side...

    These are the <i>exact same idiots</i> who elect our politicians! Scary...
    Henrik Moller
    • Sad isn't it....

      but oh so very true! ]:)
      Linux User 147560
    • Yea! These are the same idiots who...

      also start Facebook groups to complain about who we elected as president. Why can't these sore losers get a life?
      • Think

        You mean like the 'idiot', 'sore losers' with no life that still haven't stopped whining about losing the two prior elections?
  • RE: The biggest threat to social networking: Idiots

    Great article. Love it. I left Facebook for just such a reason...the overall stupidity of the whole thing.
  • Bahahaha

    Wow, so we have some idiot complaining about not being able to go to Vegas on the company dime which of course is supported by hard working men and women and then is being bailed out again by the hard working men and women.

    Pardon me while I shed a tear....

    Already, now that I had to get one of those mucus sucker things to actually extract a tear from my eye while several others actually have to work and save to get a trip to Vegas, or any where for that matter, it is comforting to know that I can find this person on Facebook, befriend her and post on her wall about what a stupid, gold digging !@#$ she is. I recently had a discussion with my girlfriend about possibly paying for a plane ticket to Atlanta, (Why on earth one some one want to go there.) so that she could room up with me and spend a couple days in a resort. While this isn't completely on the company dime and probably wouldn't cost the company anything, she refused for the simple fact that she didn't want to take me away from company business. I bring up this point for two reasons.

    1. I still have a job at a company that doesn't pay for SO to go to company outings on their budget, so we are still in business.

    2. I better marry this girl because obviously she has her head in the right place, as opposed to all the other selfish, self absorbed, whining, <insert your explicative of choice here>.

    I should be happy about Facebook and the idiots that populate it though. Because of them I now know that people like this other woman exist and that I understand that can better appreciate the caliber of girl that I date.

    As for the Google Stalking feature, I am waiting for the lawsuits to start. "Do No Evil" is long behind us.
  • Abso-freaking-lutely!

    Beautiful article. Friends recently talked me into trying Facebook and after two days I'm thoroughly sick of it. Do I care how a middle-aged friend feels about her wrinkles? Do I want to read daily about each of my friends moods at that second in time. God NO! It's a good idea gone crazy. Just totally too much (useless, time-wasting, brain-melting, productivity-killing) information.
  • nt

    wrong place nt
  • RE: The biggest threat to social networking: Idiots

    Pretty soon either lead lined cell phone cases or Faraday boxes are going to be the next hot item for Christmas. Most people don't want anyone including their friends to know where they are. A friend ditching another friend to spend some alone time can have a nightmare of a time if their little white lie is found out via the internet.

    A society that finally has a means of extracting real truth from people's lies will quickly fall into flames.

    As the fictional character Gregory House says, "Everyone lies."

    If you can't lie about where you are, you are going to have a lot of explaining to do and probably lose a lot of respect and relationships.
  • Pleased to see a growing number of smart people complaining about social

    media. I have always hated places like facebook or (yuck) myspace. For a while I thought there might be something wrong with that attitude of mine but this recent trend is clearing all my doubts.
    InAction Man
    • I'm with you...

      When people send an email asking me to (?) friend them or whatever the term is, I explain that "my face is in no book, and I have no space". (However, I will admit that I'm on LinkedIn).
    • Smart people complaining about social networking

      You have made some fundamental mistakes in your statement. You
      assume that people who complain about Facebook etc, are smart. You
      also assume that there is "nothing wrong with you" because you have
      found some other clown who complains.
      Then you state that "you hate places like facebook"
      From your language it seems that you are around 14 to 16, with no life
      experience so until you get some time under your belt it would be wise
      to look and learn.
  • I signed off.

    I have sworn off social networking sites for good. There's no real good there, just wasted time and annoyance.