The deluge of peer-to-peer bits

The deluge of peer-to-peer bits

Summary: BitTorrent has become the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing network in the world in terms of bytes transferred, and its share of...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

BitTorrent has become the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing network in the world in terms of bytes transferred, and its share of the

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Some is already using it

    Altough I've not use it myself (I own all my software application) I know that Linspire (formely known as Lindows OS) is distributed via P2P technology. It has 2 great advantages, it reduce the time it need to download it, thus reducing the burden of acquiring the software.

    But the main reason is the advantage of requiring less bandwith and centralized computer power for distributing the same software using a central server. No need for large and costly infrastructure for distributing the software. It's like having lots of local Wal-Mart with no central warehouse or even the truck fleet. Software company that try to penetrate the market need to take advantage of that distribution network.
    It can even be used for legitimate content using some kind of DRM. Firts the user download the content, then it buy the right to use it normaly trough the content owner website (Blocbuster, Sony, BMG, Universal Studios, etc.)
    Reducing the burden of making the content available will be a competitive advantage for the first to use it actively and in the most profitable way.
  • Lots of legitimate uses

    Every linux distro I've downloaded over the last few years had been via Bit Torrent. Whenever I find a large commercial or OSS app with various download methods I choose Bit Torrent if it's available. A good example of legitimate usage is Blender, the open source 3d modeling program. The actual application plus a host of training videos are on Bit Torrent.
  • Torrent is dying...

    With Torrent referal serves dropping like leaves in a bad storm, (so not to get the same treatment as did LokiTorrent) it's all over but the shouting...
    • no

      BitTorrent is not dying. The communities who use bittorrent for illegal purposes are what's dying.

      BitTorrent is here to stay.
      • I hope you are right.

        I'd hate to see it die from the actions of some crooks.
  • You're behind the times

    The standard distribution method for Mandrake has been bit torrent for a couple of years. And quite a few other distributions (eg Slackware, Slax, Fedora, Knoppix, Debian, Gentoo & FreeBSD) can be got via bit torrent also.