The democratization of surveillance

The democratization of surveillance

Summary: Researchers at UC Berkeley are developing a micromechanical flying "insect cam.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Researchers at UC Berkeley are developing a micromechanical flying "insect cam."

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Once solution

    Personal EMP device! See those electronic thingies drop like, well - flies! Might not want to do this around your car, or cell phone, or iPod . . .
    Roger Ramjet
  • So...

    So where can I buy these thingies...?

  • Privacy is a perception

    You only have the privacy you can personally vouch for. Any public building, any road, street, or highway, and most of the outdoors should be assumed to be monitored. Audio, Video, Film are all methods to record events and all can be applied in areas we thought were private. The tradeoff is what matters. Example - department store has shop lifters, they can put cameras in the fitting rooms, or RFID on all the products. If they use RFID and you go out a door without the computer having inventoried the RFID - you go to jail. You want to take your family to the park on a summer evening, as dusk approaches, are you comforted by the signs that all areas are under video surveillance? I am! Walmart's addition of cameras in the parking lots nationwide has reduced carjackings and kidnappings and assaults on their property. Like the 'This house protected..' stickers, the criminals seek easier prey. If you want privacy then work for it, WHERE it matters. RF scanners, Wireless traps, Foil paper conference rooms can all be your control of personal/business privacy. But keep private acts in those areas.