The JetBlue of Enterprise Applications

The JetBlue of Enterprise Applications

Summary: What do JetBlue and have in common?

TOPICS: Oracle

What do JetBlue and have in common? They both have created disruptive opportunities in their respective industries says AMR's Senior Vice President Bruce Richardson. But in the enterprise applications space, innovation is now taking it a step further. Richardson explains how the hosted model is under attack by TenFold Corporation, a company which recently rolled out do-it-yourself products aimed at and PeopleSoft. Apparently, as easy as 1-2-3, you can build your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using "Tsunami" scripts according to Jeff Walker, the company's founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Similarly, TomorrowNow, a start-up providing support for PeopleSoft customers, also has a simple yet disruptive model: provide annual maintenance and support at half the cost that the ERP vendor providers. While both can be called innovators, TenFold's DIY mantra seems to be falling on deaf ears while TomorrowNow's phone is ringing off the hook with an Oracle buyout of PeopleSoft looking likely. Timing is everything they say.

Topic: Oracle

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  • please give some facts about Tenfold

    Hi Chris,

    by chance I found your article. We are actually evaluating Tenfold for internal use. I was therefore interested to read the statement "TenFold's DIY mantra seems to be falling on deaf ears." Do you have some facts to sustain this?