The more profound transition at Intel

The more profound transition at Intel

Summary: Today Paul Otellini takes the reigns from Craig Barrett as the chief executive of Intel. Otellini is a 31-year Intel veteran.


grove_1.jpgToday Paul Otellini takes the reigns from Craig Barrett as the chief executive of Intel. Otellini is a 31-year Intel veteran. Barrett, who becomes chairman of the company, joined at about the same time at Otellini. But the real transition is that Andy Grove, a former CEO and now former chairman of Intel, is stepping down from active board duty. The 69-year-old Grove joined Intel as its fourth employee in 1968. He wrote the book on the tech industry-- Only the Paranoid Survive : How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company--and survived the perils of Eastern Europe to become an tech industry icon.'s Michael Kanellos captures some of Grove's last official Intel moments:

After a lengthy introduction, in which the speaker citied Machiavelli, Grove asked the shareholders, "Would someone bring a resolution from the floor that Andy Grove will hereinafter be called the Prince?"

Later he announced his own technology law. "For years and years I have wanted to have a law named after me. Call it a case of Moore envy," he said. "And this is it. Technology will always win. You can delay technology by legal interference, but technology will flow around legal barriers."

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  • Andy will still be around

    I have no doubt that Andy Grove will stick around Intel, and be available to advise Otellini. And I have no doubt Otellini will seek out his counsel.

    But Andy's now 69, and he has earned the chance to say, "I don't have a job. I don't have to be anywhere. What do I want to do today?"

    Within six months, I guarantee, he'll be going full-time at something. Maybe it will be something you don't see, but it will be something. And he'll be marvelous at it.

    Do I sound like an Andy Grove fan? Well, I am. And you should be too. He's what America is supposed to be about, a Hungarian immigrant, escaped from Soviet tyranny, brilliant, rose to the top, and gave his country a lot more than it gave him.

    A real class act. God bless him.
  • InHell has superior

    marketing and production methods - but their designs just stink. They had to go to HP to get a good design for their next gen processor - Itanium. Their Xscale processor was an ARM design. Even the 8088 was inferior to Motorolla's 68000, but IBM went with them and the rest is history.
    Roger Ramjet
  • Spellcheckers

    As a professional writer, you might want to learn the difference between "reign" and "rein." Spellcheckers will only get you so far.

    My personal favorite is still "assure," "ensure," and "insure" but this one is rising on the charts.
    Yagotta B. Kidding