The new age of platforms and ecosystems

The new age of platforms and ecosystems

Summary: I caught up with Marc Benioff at the Web 2.


I caught up with Marc Benioff at the Web 2.0 Summit, where he gave a presentation of enterprise mashups. In the video I asked Benioff about the shift from focusing on individual applications to platforms with diverse ecosystems and utility-like infrastructure services, such as his company’s Apex platform and AppExchange marketplace and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Benioff calls it moving from killer apps to killer platforms, of which there will be many.

Topic: Apps

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  • Not pushing enough!


    I'm glad that you are pushing some buttons and asking about platform tie in although I must say I was expecting you to ask a bit more. I wish you would have gone a bit farther and ask Mr. Benioff how he expects people to be able to move to another platform if they don't like SFDCs platform once all of their code is written in Apex?

    Or why did they choose to write Apex for their platform when the goal is to make platforms a commodity and if his strategy to keeping people with SFDC is tying them in with code?

  • Using the platforms

    Our company - Basically Sales in The Netherlands - has been a user of for over 3 years. We are very interested in using it as a platform as well, especially if we can integrate this with other platforms. As of yet, we have no direct experience in this kind of usage. Are there any hands-on users out there?