Today's top posts from the ZDNet blogging network (10/25/06)

Today's top posts from the ZDNet blogging network (10/25/06)

Summary: Is Firefox an IE killer at last? A week after Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla responds with version 2.


Is Firefox an IE killer at last? A week after Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla responds with version 2.0 of Firefox featuring a new interface theme and built-in phishing protection. CNET editors call the new Firefox a winner, beating IE7 on security, features, and overall cool factor. But our own George Ou thinks Firefox's UI eeds a face lift. ZDNet's special report delivers a full review, video, links to the download, and ongoing coverage from ZDNet's stable of 40 bloggers (including Dana Blankenhorn asking if it's time for Mozilla to take over OpenOffice). Here's what I want to know: Where's IE7 for Windows Mobile?

Speaking of Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley says Microsoft is experiencing a failure to communicate.  The company somehow manages to do pretty well when it comes getting the word out about it's shrink wrapped software (for example, holiday coupons for new system buyers to upgrade to Vista).  But when it comes to the company's services, Microsoft gets a D- for presentation. Microsoft is making progress in developing and distributing services, but Mary Jo says almost no one knows it  thanks to the company's abysmal job in defining Live and updating the various Microsoft constituencies on ts progress.

Meanwhile in the ongoing battle for x86 supremacy between AMD and Intel, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has an explanation for why Intel's latest round of price cuts was nothing to write home about. Apparently, what Intel needs (from AMD) before it will slash prices is some motivation -- motivation it's not getting.

Over in ZDNet's Apple orchard (where Jason O'Grady spends all his time Apple picking), Jason's got the scoop on the company's Core 2 Duo entre as well an offering that Mac-based business-class travelers are sure to love. 

Why am I pointing to other parts of the ZDNet blog network? Well, at 40 bloggers and growing, you may find that many of my stable-mates have things far more interesting to say that Dan or I on any given day. Another way to get your daily fix from all ZDNet bloggers is to subscribe to the uberfeed for the entire network. 

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  • It's not about the technology

    No doubt, zealots everywhere will begin the process of weighing the merits of Firefox vs IE, and they will once again lament the fact that IE continues to dominate despite its apparent inferiority.

    The context within which this takes place is rather stark:
    1 - IE ships on every Windows PC. Firefox does not.
    2 - Most end-users lack the technical savvy to download, install and configure their own browser (think of your mother-in-law...enough said.)
    3 - IE is Good Enough (caps deliberate) for most end-users.

    Therefore, the finer points of memory usage, interface design and the like are lost on my mother-in-law and the millions out there like her. They simply want to turn the PC on and have it work. And despite purists' claims to the contrary, IE7 will do the job for them, and they will see no compelling need to download a separate product.

    That is assuming that had the capability to do so in the first place.