Transition time at ZDNet

Transition time at ZDNet

Summary: This will be my last post on Between the Lines and ZDNet for a while. I am moving over to head up our sister CNET Networks site News.

TOPICS: CXO, Browser

This will be my last post on Between the Lines and ZDNet for a while. I am moving over to head up our sister CNET Networks site starting today. My talented, experienced, incisive and prolific BTL partner Larry Dignan will become Editor in Chief and Chief Blogger of ZDNet (his remarks on this transition are below).

I've worked on ZDNet for more than a decade, from its initial development as a comprehensive tech portal to its integration (via acquisition in October 2000) with CNET, through the bubble and into the blogging era.

We have an outstanding management team in place to carry on for another decade--in addition to Larry and ZDNet managing editor David Grober, Stephen Howard-Sarin, John Potter, Josh Taylor, Marc Mendell and their respective teams are top notch.

And, most importantly we have an outstanding, smart and passionate team of bloggers in our network who bring ZDNet to life every day.

I will occasionally guest post on BTL, but for now look for my blog soon on

And now, a hand off to Larry Dignan...

When I first got this news last week the immediate reaction was wow. Wow for Dan’s new assignment at Wow my mentor is moving on. And wow I inherit this stellar network. This gig is the most anyone can ask for—I learn something every day; I get to satisfy my newshound tendencies and I get to ride a river of blog content from a group of passionate bloggers who are experts in their respective categories. In addition, I am also now responsible for TechRepublic, our peer community site of IT professionals.

ZDNet’s mission after Dan remains: Get after it every day and deliver enterprise news and opinion you can’t get elsewhere. In the coming weeks, you'll also see a fresh look for ZDNet and some new faces to help us continue in our mission.

So good luck Dan—even though you’re not going too far—and back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Topics: CXO, Browser

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  • Congrats to you both

    Great work guys. Congrats and good luck.
    • I'll second that. Cheers!!

      Arm A. Geddon
  • RE: Transition time at ZDNet

    Congrats Dan and Larry! - go kick some butt!
  • Good luck Dan and Larry

    I'm sure ZDNet will continue in line and CNET will just get better.
  • Congrats Dan!

    Looking forward to seeing your skills put to use at cnet!
  • Good Luck Dan and Larry

    D T Schmitz
  • Congrats to you both, but Dan's got the upper hand

    The posters over on tend to be more insightful and thought out over there than the knee-jerk tech geeks you're left dealing with here, Larry.

    Oh well, at least you've got a mob to call your own now.

    • Mob rules baby

      Thanks much.
      Larry Dignan
  • RE: Transition time at ZDNet

    Good luck on the transitions, congrats!!
  • RE: Transition time at ZDNet

    Congrats Dan & Larry. Does this also mean BTL Podcast will not continue?
  • Congrats all around.

    Hope its all the two of you want it to be!
  • Congratulations both of you.

    ZDnet has been my favorite blog spot - due to your contributions and others.
  • Egg-suhlent, Smithers!

    congrats to both of you - I already have C|Net bookmarked so you will be a click away. Keep up the outstanding work you have done here. See you on the other page...
    Confused by religion
  • The cream always rises to the top

    Dan, Outstanding!!! You are the consumate professional who leads by example. CNet is lucky to have you.

    I know Larry will carry on the BTL banner and do a great job.

    Congrats to you both.
    Don Dodge
  • Changes in the air

    Dan and Larry:

    Congrats to both of you. You both have a lot of loyal readers and we are wishing you continued successes.

  • RE: Transition time at ZDNet

    Good luck to you both, hope you can still make it work with each other.
  • Enjoyed many of your posts.

    thanks for always keepin it real!!!!
  • Uploading a suspected computer virus

    Is just like finding a loaded gun in a parking lot and should be treated seriously by everybody.
  • Thanks for the Ride

  • RE: Transition time at ZDNet

    CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK to both of you, Dan and Larry, on your new assignments!
    Arnie Vios