Twitter gets closer to Facebook with new profile features

Twitter gets closer to Facebook with new profile features

Summary: Twitter's upcoming redesign puts you and your interests front and center.


Twitter is introducing a new version of its micro-blogging, social platform today, and the big focus here is on the users themselves.

According to the official Twitter blog:

We now have a framework in place that we will quickly build and iterate upon to help users connect with whatever is meaningful to them.

The most notable new feature is "Me" tab. Touching on one of the core themes of social media today (promoting your own identity above all else), the Me tab enables Tweeters to basically "introduce themselves to the world."

Here, followers can learn more about you, and then Tweet directly to you based on the provided information. The Me tab is also acts as a one-stop shop of sorts (even though Twitter does not really have that many sections or tabs to begin with) as users can also check up on direct message conversations within this portal as well.

In a way, this positions Twitter to compete more directly with Facebook. The Me tab offers more profile features than ever before available on Twitter. Besides a brief snippet about the user, the user's location, and who they might be following, it might not have been that easy to understand a user's core interests and identity.

Now, Twitter is much more than just a spot for getting news and churning out 140-character posts about all sorts of random topics. This new Twitter profile can provide a more well-rounded view about a particular user.

The redesigned Twitter will be rolling out over the next few weeks. For those who just can't wait, you can see it immediately on the mobile versions of Twitter, either via mobile browser or the iPhone and Android apps. iPad app users will have to wait as Twitter is still working on updates for all other apps.

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  • RE: Twitter gets closer to Facebook with new profile features

    Having looked over the new Twitter design and I can only say I think they are blowing it. I don't want Twitter to be like Facebook. I want Twitter to be like Twitter. Indeed, I think they got right with Old Twitter--keep it simple!
    • RE: Twitter gets closer to Facebook with new profile features

      @mercurie +1. I use Twitter because it isn't FB! Don't know how much longer I will use it if these changes keep up.