United Airlines suffers computer glitch

United Airlines suffers computer glitch

Summary: United Airlines said Wednesday that it experienced a computer outage across its entire systems.The outage occurred between 8 a.

TOPICS: Outage, Hardware

United Airlines said Wednesday that it experienced a computer outage across its entire systems.

The outage occurred between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. ET. United said on its site that "we apologize for the inconvenience and ask for our customers’ patience as we work hard to resume operations."

United didn't disclose what caused the outage. The Associated Press reported that the FAA grounded all United flights.

The United glitch comes just days after the FAA suffered a computer malfunctions. That glitch was related to a system that processes pilot flight plans and relays them to air-traffic controllers. The FAA then rerouted the information and then overloaded the system.

These glitches are worrisome--creaky IT and airplanes don't mix.

Topics: Outage, Hardware

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  • And Dept. of Homeland Security computers full of holes,malware


  • Netscape 6 (open source Geko) is the problem

    Ah well...
    • I Wonder What OS They Are Running...

      Windows perhaps?
      • No, they run

        both Solaris and Linux, though they make no mention of which OS brought down the system.
  • Wonder if they got h4x0r3d

    I wonder if they got hacked. Hope they didn't lose passengers' personal information.