Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

Summary: Despite my initial euphoria about Verizon's FiOS service--no outages and everything is just swell so far--the bill eventually comes due. And that first one is a zinger.

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Despite my initial euphoria about Verizon's FiOS service--no outages and everything is just swell so far--the bill eventually comes due.

And that first one is a zinger. In a nutshell, Verizon charges you full freight for the first two months and then the promotional service you signed up for kicked in. Toss in miscellaneous service fees, installation and other odds and ends I barely understand you wind up with: $332.54, the sum printed on my statement.

Now Verizon's setup for the first two months with new service was disclosed ahead of time. What caught my eye was an "additional PC/laptop installation" charge to the tune of $75. During my installation (gallery right) the tech didn't touch my laptop other than looking over my shoulder to make sure it picked up the home PC network.

I called Verizon to see what the deal was only to be transferred a few times--apparently not all customer support folks are trained to deal with FiOS. Once I landed in Verizon's FiOS land I got the explanation.

The customer service rep said that there have been more than a few new FiOS customers that were incorrectly billed $75 for an additional PC and laptop. The Verizon rep reversed the charge, which was actually more like $79 or so when the taxes were also reversed.

Suddenly the bill made more sense at $253.04. I was charged $55 for wiring a TV in a previously unwired room. That charge I was ok with.

Bottom line: If you're a new FiOS customer and you have a stray $75 charge (or any other charge you don't get) be sure to call Verizon.

And speaking of bottom line Verizon also reported its second quarter results. In the second quarter, Verizon added 167,000 net new FiOS TV customers and 203,000 new FiOS Internet customers. Verizon has 515,000 total FiOS customers and 1.1 million FiOS Internet customers.

On a consolidated basis, Verizon reported second quarter earnings of $1.7 billion, or 58 cents a share, on revenue of $23.3 billion. Revenue was up 6 percent from a year ago. The results were fueled by 1.3 net wireless customer additions. The results were in line with Wall Street estimates.

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  • Delayed Billing

    We signed up for FIOS TV in January and we weren't billed until June. There is nothing like getting an over $2000 combined wireless, internet, local line and TV bill to make your day.

    I still would opt for FIOS in a heartbeat.
    • billing 6 months late?

      boy, if I received any type of utility service for 6 months without receiving a bill, I might to start wondering what else they have fouled up at headquaters, good service or not...hopefully they at least allowed some leeway in paying it all at once.
  • FIOS Bill

    I got Verizon's FIOS internet service in MD last year and was promtly billed correctly for just the regular monthly charge. No installation or setup fees at all and a free router. Guess it just depends on where you live.
    • Fios Bill for TV

      Ooops! Forgot to add that I just added FIOS TV, including some wireing. There were no installation/wireing fees. My first bill is due next month.
  • RE: Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

    Well there is more to beware of with FIOS. We made 4 calls (22 minues total) to India a day after we got the service. A month later the bill came in for these 4 calls for a toal of $156. This is 200 times the cheapest rate. I consider this daaylight robbery. I am going to leave FIOS and return to Cablevision as soon as I can.
  • RE: Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

    I am also in dispute Verizon after my first bill. I swapped from Optimum online because of TV quality and internet but before I signed on I spoke to a Verizon representative about the promotion being offered. Because of many complaints among my friends and internet bloggers about the hidden charges from Verizon, I went over and over all the details of the promotion before I signed on. Nevertheless?. A month later I get a bill for $590.67.
    Here is a breakdown of my march 09 bill.
    ?FIOS Tripple Freedom? $139.99
    (Extra charged $30.00 for a movie package they offered for FREE) ? After calling them they adjusted the price.
    ?Bundle Monthly Partial? $28.30
    (Instead of having my service start from day installed, they have their own. What?s even weirder is that they have different billing cycles for their TV service and phone service)
    ?Voice Additional? $296.02
    I had asked for the long distance service and they are charging me $4.36 per minute for three calls that lasted a total of 62 minutes. After speaking with them the said the actual rate should be .17 cents, but I?m still pending for the charge to be corrected.
    ?Internet Additional Service? $34.99
    This was offered free on the promo. After calling them they adjusted the price.
    ?TV Additional Service? = 109.98
    I?m still disputing this charge. They claimed the technician installed two additional lines in the house. However, I already had these lines from Optimum. After I told them so, they said ?Oh is possible the lines had to be re-run?. This is where I got piss-off. I told the rep? ?I can tell is someone touches the lines I had myself run between the walls so theren?t any cable showing up?. She said? we I will have a manager call you about it. Still waiting for a call.
    Lastly? my ?Taxes, Fees and Other Charges? $43.38 this is 7.76% percent of the total bill. On a regular statement this should be about $10 to 11 bucks.

    To conclude, they over charge me over $450.00 on my bill. I am still fighting my charges and if I don?t get them cleared I will be taking Verizon to the Better Business Bureau and canceling my service.

  • Another case of a rip off!

    I was promised $99 a month, and not a penny more for any taxes or fees. My first bill was $268! Verizon said it was for a month and a half of service. Duh. If ONE month is $99, then how could a HALF MONTH be MORE than $99? They talk in circles, and it took months to straighten it out. And I never truly got the $99 a month I was promised (I gave up fighting at about $108 a month). I fought tooth and nail and they increased their profits from me by over 8%. Now think ... How many seniors are ripped off because they don't contest their bill?
    Mike Bucks
  • RE: Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

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  • RE: Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill

    love the service, but i had no idea i had to pay for installation. i moved across the street, the box was already in the new apt and i had wire run for one tv. outrageous! after my promotion is up im telling them to go screw themselves.