Verizon ups Android ante; Offers 2 Droids for 1 deal

Verizon ups Android ante; Offers 2 Droids for 1 deal

Summary: Verizon is upping its Android assault with a 2-for-1 Droid deal.


In recent days, I've been pondering my next phone---it happens every time my Storm annoys me---and was a bit stumped about whether to go with a Motorola Droid or HTC Droid Eris.

Verizon Wireless may be making my life easier. Enter the two Droids for one deal.

Verizon is offering a buy a Droid or Droid Eris get an Eris free deal. What's this pitch about?

Market share. These 2-for-1 promotions at Verizon have moved the needle repeatedly for Research in Motion. When these promotions get going you can monitor the BlackBerry progress on RIM's quarterly earnings. Verizon's 2-for-1 deals can move the units.

Now that Verizon is doing the same for Android rest assured that market share is going higher.

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  • I might have to upgrade...

    Damn BOGO!

    I wonder if it's for existing clients with expiring contracts or ONLY for new clients?
    • If it is for existing clients

      I am gonna tell my mom to go for it. She was just literally telling me her phone will not hold a charge no more and I said I could get her a battery but she wants an updated phone that she can get email on and facebook on and I recommended the Droid Eris. My sister has an old palm phone and was also talking about ditching that so maybe this will be a good time for them to upgrade.
    • you can

      My dad and sister did this they were existing
      customers with expired contracts.
    • Pony up

      If you are upgrading from a dumbphone, pony up the $30/month/device. That's the beauty of the BOGO.
      • Pony up and up and up

        Should be written $30 * Months * devices. Plus the (up to) $375 early term charge. Want insurance? not the $4.99 like most 8.99.
    • Anybody can upgrade...

      I've got about 6 months to go before I'm eligible for a new verizon phone, they've been aggressively calling me with an offer of a Droid for $99.

      BUT Here's the interesting thing. I mentioned to her the rumors that the Iphone is coming over to Verizon and that I might just want to hold off on making a decision. She was OK with that.

      So I think this is more of an aggressive effort by Google/Motorola/HTC to lock people into their platform over the iPhone.
  • desperation?

    looks like the desperate rim "get 2 storms for one"
    promotions a few months ago. that's the way rim inflated
    their last quarter unit numbers and thus lowered their
    • *rolls eyes* Hardly. Aggressive! (NT)

      Mark Bryant
  • Good bye Microsoft Windows Mobile :)

    I am happy, so long Microsoft it is over.
    • What the heck WMo todo with this blog post

      Sir, What the heck WMo todo with this blog post
    • That's not a real bright thing to say.

      It is good for us as consumers that each of these operating systems continue to exist and push each other into continual improvements. Let's use Microsoft as an example. When they initially won the browser war with Netscape, Microsoft pretty much ceased development on IE, and we were stuck with mediocrity for awhile. That is, until Mozilla came on the scene and began to develop Firefox. Microsoft once again began development on IE and has moved through 3 revisions now (7,8,9). MS wouldn't have come this far had competition not moved them. We need as much competition as is practicable in the marketplace, and so we need Windows Mobile. If you don't like it, then don't use it. But don't be ignorant in your thinking at the same time.