Viacom shacks up with Yahoo

Viacom shacks up with Yahoo

Summary: The enemy of your enemy is your best pal. Just ask Viacom, which is suing Google's YouTube for $1 billion while hopping into bed with Yahoo.

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The enemy of your enemy is your best pal. Just ask Viacom, which is suing Google's YouTube for $1 billion while hopping into bed with Yahoo.

Viacom and Yahoo announced a "multi-year partnership" where Yahoo will be the exclusive provider of sponsored search and contextual ads on all of Viacom's sites. These properties include,,, and and cover "33 broadband sites." Yahoo added that the deal could expand to 140 more Viacom Web sites worldwide.

Yahoo portrayed the Viacom win as a victory for its project Panama, an ad system designed to close the monetization gap with Google. Expectations are high for Yahoo's Panama and the Viacom deal is likely to push them higher.

And there were plenty of Google digs in Yahoo and Viacom's statement.

In the shameless poke in the eye department:

"Viacom is a global leader in entertainment that shares Yahoo!'s commitment to connecting users to the content, products and services for which they are looking while respecting copyrights and other intellectual property rights at the same time," said Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO.

Hmm, sounds like a Viacom vs. YouTube lawsuit reference to me. 

In the take that Google department:

"This far reaching partnership brings together world-class content and technology for the benefit of users and advertisers alike. Yahoo! has made impressive strides with its new search marketing system. As a global leader in content for every screen and platform, we couldn't be more pleased to have them as a partner and we look forward to growing our relationship even more over time," said Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom.

The Viacom announcement appears to be an early volley of what's likely to become a barrage of positive Panama news from Yahoo. By most counts, Yahoo's clickthrough rates since the Panama launch have improved.

What remains to be seen is whether good news from Yahoo can fend off all of the armchair CEOs with 20/20 hindsight.

Topic: Google

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  • See, PAYING for content

    leads to much better results than stealing it does. WOnder if Google will EVER figure that out.
  • Gee Larry, are we a bit biased?

    Hmmm, Google makes "deals" but with Yahoo its "shacking up"???
    • Not sure I follow

      How is shacking up biased? And in what way. Please elaborate.
      Larry Dignan
    • Shacking up denotes something bad.

      I used to date your girlfriend, your girlfriend and I shacked up for awhile. See the difference?
  • You have to ignore No_Ax......

    With very few exceptions, his posts are irreverent.

    I have never liked Yahoo, and I don't use their site unless necessary. Yahoo is losing to Google big time, and they need major help to begin to compete. The Viacom alliance will help a little, and it's a small slap in Google's face, but in the long run, it will fail.

    Yahoo needs to redo their site and business models if they want to stay successful. That is the only way that Yahoo will survive long term.
    linux for me