Vista: 'Most significant,' but anti-climactic

Vista: 'Most significant,' but anti-climactic

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer finally announced the business availability of Vista and the company calls it the "most significant" release in its history.Significant?

TOPICS: Windows

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer finally announced the business availability of Vista and the company calls it the "most significant" release in its history.

Significant? Yes. Anti-climactic? Definitely. Maybe it's the real-time nature of the Vista development and the play by play of every beta release, but it's hard to get too wound up after watching this OS inch ahead for years to the finish line.

The real fun begins now. The launch only marks the beginning. While the launch makes the headlines the real news will occur over the next year.

--How soon will Vista be adopted in the enterprise?

--What applications will work with it by early 2007?

--Will enterprise customers choose to adopt Vista, Office and Exchange together? Is there a real ROI in that approach?

--Could Vista spark better enterprise technology spending?

--And what happens when the first big enterprise customer gets dinged by Microsoft's anti-piracy protections?

Microsoft noted a Capgemini study (commissioned by Microsoft) found early adopters will expect "dramatic gains in productivity." Over the next year that--and those aforementioned questions--will be quantified.

Topic: Windows

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  • With a little push from VISTA

    SOA technology will become mainstream in next three years.
  • Welcome to the Church of the painful OS!

    ...Organ plays softly ......
    Praise be my bruddas und sistas!
    My message today, "Don't Drink the Koolaid!"
    Owwa text today comes from the book of Cobol 6:17, it ahhh reads thusly, "Let not thine eyes waiver, for as paint covers rust so doth the wickedness of dos lie beneath the candy colors".
    Say, Amen!
    Life is fleeting as versions go by , ahhh something new I wanna try, ahhh something better I gotta buy, ahhh they thing I dion't know is justa why? ahhh.... say yes! say yeesssaah!
    The sista with fishnets is mighty fine,
    from the front anda from behind! ahhh
    To get with her I would not mind, but someday I will find, shoulda took my chances going blind! aaha.
    Candy is sweet!
    But rots ya teeth!
    Imatation is good, in hollywood,
    windows is bad, it's pretty sad,
    All they can come up with is candy! say amen
    Candny here, candy there, but nothing new anywhere, watchout me bruddas for the glare,
    install this junk if you dare!
    All they can come up with is candy! say amen

    ....Organ plays softly....
    won't you come, won't you come
    Reverend MacFellow
    • i seen the light i know my heart now please

      convert me revenrend please
    • that was just...

      awful. If that was intended to be funny, it fell flat on it's face with mediocrity at best.

      Everyone that comes here to put down MS in anyway they can (linux runs on a nearly 20 year old kernel based from a 40 year old kernel) is obviously jealous and frustrated. That' understandable.
      But to say things like it's only got graphical changes etc. is just moronic and shows you have absolutely no concept of what is contained within Vista.
      I think the Google mad rush to put their beta, half baked office apps into somekind of Enterprise package for January is just one sign of the desperation. Maybe that is a better word.
      desperation. It's too bad you can only put down MS and not talk about other products instead. Obviously all other products are woefully behind Windows and the only chance the other players feel they have is the hail mary, desperation, let's slam and slam MS until it sticks. Good luck, since you've been doing for years now w/o any change.
      • Trolls xing

        Reverend MacFellow
    • Lack of Knowledge?

      I guess we should be amused, but I sure am glad you are not a real commedian. As is usual, we tend to see people that don't have deep dive knowledge of a product commenting and making fools of themselves. Vista will not wow you, but taxcut 2006 won't wow me either. It performs the same functions as taxcut 2005 just with law changes and slight improvements. I look at Vista as the same basically. They have taken a lot to the request from customers and built them in. Is it going to be more stable than XP - eventually. Will it take time? - Didn't it take XP time? It just cracks me up that many of the XP users that have something negative about Vista don't really even have a firm grasp on XP. So it makes sense that all they will see is the "candy". When you go to a store, what is the only thing "kids" see? Candy! Why cause that is as far as their little minds can see. :-)

      So your point again was????
      • Yes, you definitely lack knowledge

        But that is typical, there is nothing new in Vista other than candy. If you will recall, over the past 1-2 years all of the new/radical promised features of vista were shelved. Our memories are short, aren't they?
        The real thing that they are trying to imitate is OSX.
        Remember this is the same company that touts the Zune!
        Reverend MacFellow
  • Adoption in the enterprise ...

    ... will be driven by life-cycle funding. Since optimal IT life-cycles are three years (and often stretched to five years), don't expect wide use of Vista in the enterprise before late 2008 (two years from RTM).

    Most applications run today (and those that don't will be fixed during 1Q07) but it will be a year before most applications leverage Vista effectively.

    Adopting Office 2007 too soon introduces compatibility problems but adoption of Exchange 2007 will be MUCH slower -- because of the sheer size of such a transition. There are no ROI advantages to such a strategy -- only IT nightmares associated with doing too much at once.

    More enterprise spending? You bet! The economy is on the mend and Vista creates interest.

    Big enterprise customers do not face anti-piracy problems because of the way the enterprise agreement model works. Besides, Microsoft might be willing to risk the ire of the ned user but never the enterprise customer.

    I don't expect "dramatic gains in productivity" before 2008/09.
    M Wagner
  • I'm just waiting.......

    To see what some of the BIG GUYS have to say when they have to manually activate each one of a thousand or so computers.
    Oh the wonders of WGA. I'm sure it will win many friends and influence important people. And the DRM will empress them mightily too.
    Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, a fine example of the XP EULA:
    Ole Man
    • You do realize

      DRM is not a Microsoft problem, right?
      • Well...

        Does Apple have activation keys for the OS?
        i know iWork, mabey Pro Apps, and Quicktime Pro does, compared to:
        Windows, Office, Pro apps, apps like ones in iLife, etc?
        Graham Fluet