Vista SP1: Behind Microsoft's strategy

Vista SP1: Behind Microsoft's strategy

Summary: Microsoft Vista SP1 is coming sooner rather than later.Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will drop SP1 some time next week.

TOPICS: CXO, Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft Vista SP1 is coming sooner rather than later.

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will drop SP1 some time next week. With it Vista will add a few new features, but the impact goes far beyond that.

For enterprise technology managers, the launch of SP1 in November is the equivalent of telling CIOs to "start your upgrade engines."

In the end, that's what SP1 represents--the start of a corporate buying cycle. There will be many ways to portray the reasons behind the SP1 launch, but in the end this move is about wooing the reticent corporate buyer.

Some reasons why SP1 is going now:

  • It's positive for the upgrade cycle overall. For Microsoft SP1 is just good business. Consumers may be waiting for SP1 also.
  • Google forced Microsoft's hand on SP1 disclosure. Google's whining to the DOJ about desktop search on Vista could have forced Microsoft to disclose SP1's launch earlier. The SP1 schedule appears to be the same one originally reported.
  • Microsoft realizes that corporate IT managers were hellbent on waiting for SP1. And if that's the case why wouldn't Microsoft move Vista SP1 earlier than later? The SP1 timing was probably well outlined well before Vista launched. Microsoft was looking to get that initial demand so it didn't mention SP1. Now that SP1 is out the door it can fuel corporate demand of Vista and all the stuff like Office that rides shotgun with it.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has more on that last point.

Topics: CXO, Microsoft, Windows

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  • Business as ususal. shrug... (nt)

    • Message has been deleted.

      • Oh for cryin' out loud, ...

        ... even the SLIGHTEST off-color remark makes you Republicons cry, eh? Heck, ya even had to reach ta figure out an off-color part of THAT.

        Microsoft must be threatening to pull their ads, eh, Axey? ;)
        • That's a LOT OF HOOEY!

          My Name is John Doe! I PROTEST EVERYTHING!

          I PROTEST O'Butterballs post was deeleted!
  • In other words, it's a marketing ploy.

    It's an old psychological ploy for do-it-yourselfers: As long as the project isn't quite finished, you can deflect any criticism with, "It's not done yet".

    So instead of having to deal with the evidence that Vista is a bigger bug factory than even MS usually perpetrates, now they can say, "See, here's SP1 - we're responding to your concerns".

    And lost in the shuffle is the simple question of why a competent, professional business who put Vista through two public betas in addition to internal testing should need a "Service Pack" six months after shipping.

    Oh, well...
    • Of course it is a marketing ploy....

      .... Microsoft is a marketing-led organisation. Software development is secondary and is what they do in order to continue their marketing money machine.

      One look at Gates' strategy in the early-middle years of MS shows you this. The money came in through licencing deals, the products came from purchasing other peoples' products and shoehorning them together. Word was developed by a team from Xerox PARC, Powerpoint by company called Forethought, DOS by Tim Paterson and Microsoft's first ever product, Altair Basic, is renowned for Gates arranging the demo before he and Allen wrote the interpreter.

      *sigh* Nothing has changed..... :-(
  • Now all we need are video drivers

    Wouldn't it be nice if the video companies would get their drivers working, too?
  • All smoke and mirrors ...

    If you are running Windows Update now, you already have the patches -- or you will get the patches automatically, as soon as they become available. If you are not, then you will need SP1. If you want to avoid adding month's of patches when you get around to installed Vista the first time, you either rollver SP1 into your installation media or you apply SP1 before turning to Windows Update for patches.

    Those corporate managers who are waiting for SP1 are just looking for an excuse to wait.
    M Wagner
  • Wireless & APM system repaired?

    MS is ignoring the market and should react faster to major problem with Vista. From the beginning the Advanced Power management is one distater, causing workarounds which are not working properly, why not repair this on the fly?
    Wireless on Vista is aimed on to-be intelligence on access point, the devices that wil hit the market in 2010, but MS is already gambling on 802.11 functionality that's non-existing. Everytime my vista wakes-up from his beauty sleep I cannot connect to my wireless. If I can connect automatically I am overwhelmed by patches and patches ande security patches.

    Why can nobody develop a good working and tested system at MS. My advice is always to go for N -2 for MS products. Wait at least 2 years before to use the lastest release. I am pretty disappointed in Vista, which is copied very nicely from OSX, but lacks the company working on superior products behind it.
  • The funny bit is...

    Microsoft will not let them NOT upgrade. The windows admins think they are on
    target with Microsoft products, that 'nobody got fired' etc... but the truth is
    Microsoft will not have a compelling alternative to OS X or Linux unless they start
    over again. Vista is just XP with a little windows dressing.

    Also, testing it with real prople (instead of system admins) would help. At
    Microsoft, it's apparently OK if the software is ridiculously complicated and
    obscure so long as the IT support staff are in on the joke.

    Oddly enough, the Macitosh is now far more open, you can run anything you want
    on it. Turns out that while Apple doesn't exactly want you to compromise their
    OS or their hardware sales, they don't particularly mind your playing with other
    OSes, they are quite confident that you will come back to your senses and run
    their far superior OS.
    • The Mac is more open?

      [i]Oddly enough, the Macitosh is now far more open, you can run anything you want on it. [/i]

      Logically then, it is Dell and HP that are more closed because they insist on preventing you from running OSX. Oops! That isn't true though so there must be something wrong with your conclusion.

      If you are talking "openness", Dell and HP computers are at least as open as Macs because none of the aforementioned companies prevent you from running any OS you want on their hardware. If you are talking "compatibility" then yes, Macs would be the most compatible but only because the Mac is the [b]least[/b] open computer (thanks to its TPM DRM chip). If it was the most open hardware, you would be able to swap out [b]any[/b] part of the computer with products from a competitor. Now you need to find a company other than Apple that will sell you a motherboard with an OSX compatible TPM DRM chip. Oops! Looks like the Mac is truly the least open of the bunch.

      [i]they don't particularly mind your playing with other
      OSes, they are quite confident that you will come back to your senses and run their far superior OS.[/i]

      Hehe, they obviously don't feel the same way about their hardware though! What you are saying is that while OSX is far superior, the Mac is not. After all, if Apple truly believed the Mac was superior too, Apple would be quite confident that you would also choose a Mac to go along with your OSX. Since they [b]artificially[/b] and [b]onerously[/b] tie OSX to the Mac, they obviously believe that given the chance, most people would buy something else. As a consumer, why should I have confidence in Apple's hardware if they don't?
  • I will do my part...

    My rep has asked me to do a marketing tour with him called "How the WOW changed our business". I will get up and talk about ROI and TCO figures that will just blow your mind. Of course my rep will take me to dinner and we will fly First Class to the destination cities. At the end I will demand that these corporations agree to a rapid upgrade cycle so that Vista is deployed ASAP. This way when Windows Server 2008 is released the customers can take advantage of new Group Policy functionality. As my rep says, "Without the WOW, why bother even living now?".
    Mike Cox
    • Ok, Mike, I'll bite, I'll bring the coffe and dog nuts !

      I just can't wait, much like a kid in a chocolate factory, the anticipation of SP1 makes it almost impossible to control myself. I wonder if there will be long lineups at Future Shop ? I better get my camping equipment out of the basement and ready myself for an all nighter to make sure I'll be able to get my Vista Ultimate with SP1 ! Thanks so much for the post Mike, you are my hero and I look forward to hot pretzels and french mustard to go with my coffee and dog nuts ......... an avid MS Vista fan.
      P.S. Is Mac or Linux coming to the festivities ?
      • My vet has a few to contribute

        Yagotta B. Kidding
        • Wondering how long this will take...

          for the moderators to figure it out & delete it? (ROFLMAO!)
  • SP1 may or may not fix Vista - wait and see.

    Vista may or may not have all of it's problems solved by the patches or SP1 as skeptical as that sounds, it isn't as though MS hasn't provided any reasons for skepticism. I for one truly hope that the patches in addition to SP1 does fix all and every problem and Vista becomes what MS has told us it already was. When the U.S. Government adopts and uses Vista, I'll seriously consider using this OS although I'm still having issues with MS terms and conditions of it's software. Time for MS to take some iniative and develop it's own software to prove to MS it's their product instead of forcing buyers to spend their time and money doing it for them. Sorry, but would you buy a car if you had to prove that it was still your car after buying tires or having it serviced ? Ridiculous and unrealistic but that's what MS expects everyone to do every time they want to add something new to their PC. The procdedure is long, at times, I can't communicate with MS support that is based in India due to the strong accent. Regardless, it's way past time for a change in the way MS expects people to prove to them that it's their own damned product.
    • India Tech Support

      I have no complaint with their accent, it is the attitude problem that annoys me. They are unable to answer questions and when I ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up! Don't we have arrogant, incompetent people in our own country that need jobs?
      • I don't think they have any supervisors to speak to...

        On second thought, that sounds like MY Kind of Job! Get asked a question you don't know the answer to: hang up. When somebody asks to speak to your nonexistant supervisor: hang up. Doubt it would take much in the way of skills to out do that action! How to apply for that job so that I'd get it? For sure it would be easy enough to compete & save callers the long distance charge.
  • The only way to FIX Vista...

    Is simply to not use it.

    MS released an OS that is incompatible with just about every piece of software in the world. A SERVICE pack will fix that?

    Most likely, MS is intending to insert more backdoors for snooping (And there already are an incredible amount of ways for MS to get into your desktop and take a look-see). These can;t be shut off in Home basic, you have to have Ultimate Edition to get access to the MMC Snap-In that controls local users and groups. The normal Vista user will never see the 15 or so accounts that are in the OS... XP only had three.

    So what is a service pack going to do? MS will most likely force us to get it, and we will not be able to get it without some kind of complex validation.

    I am so tired, tired of Vista, tired of Vista and Yooooo....

    To quote the Kinks.

    I have had Vista since about May... Ultimate Edition. It is still in the "I can;t do ANY of my work on this" category.

    MS is shoving things forward too fast and too frighteningly and non-economically.

    The average Computer user wants stability, not a new series of gadgets every 10 seconds.

    The world ran very well for 6 to 7 thousand years... MS thinks they want to change it all before 2010?

    Maybe we will get lucky and the Mayan Calender will be correct and time will stop in 2012. If it does, thank God.