Vista SP1: Indictment of Vista 1.0?

Vista SP1: Indictment of Vista 1.0?

Summary: Microsoft's announcement that it is preparing a Vista Service Pack 1 beta in two weeks is curious on many levels. Although Microsoft delivers improvements via service packs I can't help but consider Vista SP1 a do-over.

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Microsoft's announcement that it is preparing a Vista Service Pack 1 beta in two weeks is curious on many levels. Although Microsoft delivers improvements via service packs I can't help but consider Vista SP1 a do-over.

When the SP1 lands in the first quarter of 2008 are we really getting what Vista should have been at launch?

Redmond would dispute that notion, but I wonder. After all, SP1 is chunky and we're not talking just pleasantly plump. The list of bug fixes is long with stuff--better printer driver support, reliability with external displays, more speed copying files, improved log-on--you'd expect to be in the first go round.

Ed Bott writes the following:

For the beta release, you’ll need 7GB of free disk space to install the x86 version and 12GB of free disk space for the x64 package. (Most of this space is for temporary files and for the Vista image-based installer.) For home users with a reliable Internet connection, Microsoft plans to offer an Express update option that should require only a 50MB download; the stand-alone installer, which includes support for all languages and all Vista editions, checks in at a hefty 1GB. The final release might be smaller, but not much, if history is any guide.


And Mary Jo Foley cuts to the chase (Techmeme):

Microsoft still is telling customers not to wait for Vista SP1, and to proceed with testing and upgrades now. After hearing about what’s coming in SP1, I can’t imagine anyone planning to move to Vista not waiting for SP1.

When you look at the sheer volume of additions/fixes/etc. in SP1 you'd be a dunce not to wait for it before pondering Vista. In some corners, the SP1 is an indictment of the first Vista, which you could argue wasn't ready for prime time in the first place.

Talkbacker Chas_2 sums it up:

"Finally! All the stuff that should have been in Vista at RTM time. Too bad it'll be after the holidaze when it's out; I could use it now!"

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also releasing the third service pack for Windows XP. That gives you two good reasons to hold off on Vista.

So what should you be thinking? Let's crawl inside the mind of an IT executive.

Microsoft: We'll announce this Vista SP1 on August 29.

What Joe IT is thinking: "Geesh, can't a guy get a break. I'm on vacation at the beach and just happened to check my BlackBerry. Microsoft sure wanted to downplay this news."

Microsoft: Let's toss in an update on the Windows Server 2008 launch.

What Joe IT is thinking: "I barely noticed Windows Server 2008. Isn't that delayed?

Microsoft: Some SP1 improvements have tradeoffs.


What Joe IT is thinking: "Tradeoffs? Is that like applications breaking?"

Microsoft: Organizations do not need to wait for SP1 to deploy Windows Vista; they are encouraged to begin their Windows Vista evaluation and deployment now.

What Joe IT is thinking: "Umm. Sure. Well I'm much more into a pilot today than I was before SP1. Maybe I'll hang back a bit though. XP SP3 anyone?"


Topics: Windows, Microsoft

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  • Message has been deleted.

    • ??????????????????????????

    • I just love cut and paste.

      Proofreading is nice, too.
      • Proof reading - it wasn't even english..

  • No pain, no gain

    If Joe IT is worried about Vista breaking things then why bother upgrading?

    While Microsoft is tied down to serving corporate interests it will never be able to innovate.
    • Microsoft "Innovation?"

      Microsoft wasn't able to innovate before supposedly being "tied down to serving corporate interests" (whatever that means; perhaps "giving the customer what they want"). What makes you think that they're going to start now? It's all about maintaining their monopoly.
      • <b>Microsoft only takes, takes, takes</b>

        Here's a great article on the pillages of Microsoft and the foundations of their monopoly.
        Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • To be fair

    "When the SP1 lands in the first quarter of 2008 are we really getting what Vista
    should have been at launch?"

    6 years is simply not enough time to write a OS update given the considerable
    resource constraints;-)
    Richard Flude
    • re: To be fair


      "6 years is simply not enough time to write a OS update given the considerable resource constraints"

      Is that what's delaying OS XI? ;)
      M.R. Kennedy
  • Vista - The Eric Cartman of operating systems

    So now you're getting some of the value you were promised from the beginning? But even that value proposition comes with trade offs?

    I'm confused. You'd think for the kind of money you're laying out for Vista you'd get a polished product that adds value to your desktop labor. I'm still not seeing the value. What I see in SP1 is that Vista won't suck as bad. Wo-ho! It still fails the value test. What are you getting that makes it worth the time and expense to upgrade? For large customers this is no small expense. So, for both the enterprise and individual user...where's the beef?

    I believe MSFT will, eventually, get Vista stable. The drivers will be available and it might even pass the laugh test on a value basis...eventually.

    A company with Microsoft's resources could have produced the most fantastic OS ever conceived by man. Had they committed the time and money. But they didn't. Instead they field what is, at best and that only after all the kinks are worked out, an incremental improvement coupled with a geometric price increase.

    Overall, in hindsight, I believe Vista will be seen as a massive corporate blunder. It will also be seen as the moment in history Microsoft jumped the shark. When they lost the perception of dominance in the market, followed by a steady erosion of their market share.
    • Good point

      and I definitely appreciate the South Park reference;)
      Larry Dignan
    • A Crock of Ish!

      All these Graduate level expectations on a HS diploma kill me. If you can do better do it. We don't tell GM they should have included all the features available today in a car they built a while ago. We accept the fact that change happens and innovation is made (by someone) and the changes eventually come. But for MS, OMG, they should have figured all this out at the beginning. That is a total crock of ish. Some people have some of the craziest, most outrageous, unfounded, and fantasy-based expectations.

      I treat MS like any vendor today; they supply a product (that I don't HAVE to upgrade to if I don't want - MY CHOICE!) if I like it I will do MY OWN (not some bloggers) due diligence on its readiness (for my situation) and make a determination (based upon good research) if the product will do what I want it to do. I take a risk that it may not (as in any situation dealing with software from any vendor), but if I decide to move forward, it is totally my own choice and I accept whatever joy or pain that comes with it. If there are bugs, that I experience (not some random bug some hell-bent hacker, that has 18+ hours per day, finds), and it puts my personal data at risk, I expect MS to eventually fix it. I don't have the expectation that they fix everything immediately. I live in a world where things just don't work like that. In my world change takes time; and I am ok with that as long as its not life-threatening.

      Additionally, I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my choice to choose and use Vista and if there are problems, I accept them. I am not about to blame MS for every little issue that comes (nor any other end-user issues that don't come up - Use viagra don't blame MS) LOL!

      MS is a company that has every day humans working for them. None of them have any super-natural powers to be able to auto-magically or via predictive reasoning to be able to detect every little nuance I the consumer May or May not experience on hardware I put together or they could not certify.

      Lastly, whining and complaining about the past is a sure sign you haven't accepted the present and are definitely not in the right mindset to handle the future. I have never seen any statement from MS that they profess to never make a mistake or any statement that they never will. If half the people that blog here held themselves to the same standard (expectations) they hold MS to, they would be broke and lonely (maybe some already are, hence all the time they have on their hands to search for new ways to complain about MS). You are in that dead end job either cause you are not talented enough to rise or you are too lazy to get more skills. Don't blame that on MS either. Move your Butt!

      Just my .02 cents. Your agreement is not required! :-)
      • Excellent post!

        The amount of effort and time people spend attacking MS is unbelievable.
      • Try telling you're story to the Japanese car makers

        "We don't tell GM they should have included all the features a
        available today in a car they built a while ago"

        No, but they took their eye of the ball in the late eighties and now the Japanese car manufacturers dictate what features GM HAS to implement in a new car.
        • The UAW killed the US auto industry ...

          ... in the 1960's and 70's when they told OEMs they couldn't automate their production lines. Today I can buy a Honda or a Toyota made in Indiana and Ohio by highly paid non-union workers or I can buy a GM or Chryster made in Canada or Mexico while UAW members are laid-off!
          M Wagner
          • not the unions alone

            The UAW didn't engineer the Cadillac 8-6-4 engine or the conversion of the 350 block into a sorry diesel wanna-be. They didn't replace the Turbine 350 and 400 transmissions with junk that couldn't hold fluid in the early 80s.
            They didn't develop the computer driven carburetors which no mechanic could repair.
            That was all some bean counters' doing and there's plenty of blame to go around.
          • Get a better picture

            The UAW operates in Canada too - with the same pluses and minuses as in the US. We get the layoffs up here too - in fact having the highest quality producing plant(s) for GM doesn't even avoid having them CLOSE them to keep the US plants going....

            Not commenting on Mexico though.... :)
      • GM...

        Welcome Mr. Strawman. GM has less market share than Apple and hasn't been a market leader since the 60s. When making comparisons, try to use ones that make sense.
        • are sooo wrong

          " leader since the 60s." Wrong! One who give a crap about crapple in a GM comparison. Second GM was the largest market leader until 4/2007 when Toyota took over. However, they are the largest in China, and pulling back in-line in the US.
          • GM=market leader till 2007 WRONG!-they were running on inertia till 07-NT