VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

Summary: VMware starts to take Mac and Linux more seriously by expanding its solutions to connect these platforms to Windows virtual desktops.


It's a big product day over at VMware, which is expanding its VMware View client for Windows to also deliver virtual desktops over to Mac and Linux.

VMware View is a virtual desktop solution for enterprises that is designed to simplify desktop administration and management using a end-user computing architecture. The goal is then to have a central system that gives IT more control but still gives end users some freedom.

Two other major selling points, according to VMware, is that View is supposed to help improve security while lowering operating costs.

Here's a couple of highlights as to what we can expect from these new VMware View Clients :

  • VMware View clients for Mac and Linux are tightly integrated with the VMware View 4.6 and 5.0 for easier setup and connectivity, and it should reconnect to your desktop in a few steps.
  • VMware View clients with PCoIP are supposed to provide end-users with a richer desktop experience, regardless of network conditions.
  • It's designed from the ground up with optimization for Mac OS X Lion with support for swipes on the trackpad and Lion full screen mode.
  • VMware View client for Linux will be available to download from the Ubuntu Software Center later this month for easier installation.

VMware is especially targeting education customers with these new options, touting VMware View to enable campus IT organizations to better support users on many more mobile devices (i.e. tablets as well as laptops) and ensuring that students have immediate access to their applications on these gadgets.

Additionally, VMware is updating its tablet View Clients for the iPad and Android, notably with new support for the Kindle Fire.


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  • Mac OS Virtualization

    There is a problem with Mac OS X virtualization, and is that the EULA won't allow you to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware. So the only real option available from Apple is the Mac Pro Server, a tower only chassis with no options for redundant power supplies, hot pluggable or SAS drives. I hope Apple change the EULA so it can be deployed on real, reliable servers from other companies.
    • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

      Not just that, from the press release it's VDI of Windows, not Mac Desktop Virtualization. Congratulations for Microsoft selling more licenses while turning Mac in a very expensive thin client viewer
      • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

        @Samic <br>Huh? This is sharing Desktops. VMWare is selling the product, not Microsoft. I already visit my Windows desktop from my Mac through Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection. No one has bought any more Microsoft licenses as a result of my use of that (free) product.<br><br>Now RDC seems to have some underlying assumptions that speed bump its flexibility. One is that I only have one Windows client I wish to connect with. Also, it is a view only and file exchange would be swell, really swell. Maybe VMWare will address those issues, but, I haven't looked at their product and they have fine people in their marketing department who can sell it without my volunteered assistance.<br><br>And, guys (or gals), let's grow up and not turn everything into Macs [suck|rule] and Windows [rule|suck]. VMWare sees an opportunity in us OS X and Linux users who also need to be productive with Windows machines.
      • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux


        Well stated, especially that last part. :)
  • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

    Mind you, they had desktop virtualization on Linux a decade ago and chose to alienate Linux users. Sorry, there are far better options natively on Linux today.
    • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

      @cabdriverjim <br>i think virtual box is a better option. i don't know what other advantages will VMware offer for linux user?
  • RE: VMware bringing its virtual desktops to Mac, Linux

    VMware desktops are already viewable on OS X, at least TS desktop sources are. There is also an open View client for X.

    Two things I would rather see are: source VM's (for the View desktop pool) that run on OS X (especially PPC hw) and a View-client like desktop viewing process that does not require admin priviledges to get going/install in the client.