Want an iPad 3? Sell your current iPad now for maximum value!

Want an iPad 3? Sell your current iPad now for maximum value!

Summary: Already know you're going to want an iPad 3? Consider selling your current iPad on eBay to get the most bang for your buck to put towards the cost of the iPad 3 when it launches!

Just about everyone knows by now that the iPad 3 announcement is just around the corner, but for those of you with iPads currently, you may not realize how much they're going for, used, on eBay! Initially, I was just going to give my iPad 2 to my main squeeze, but she doesn't think she'll use it, so onto eBay it goes! The model I have is the 64 GB WiFi-only version, and right now, auctions for it are ending for ~$600, give or take -- but only with a certain auction style approach, which I will explain in a second. Here's an auction that ended for $650 recently:
Now, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, the trick is to start the bidding, at the most, at the absolute lowest price you're comfortable with accepting (I strongly recommend being comfortable with just under half of what you paid for whichever iPad 2 model you have, and 1/3 of what you paid for whichever iPad 1 model you have). From observing these auctions for the past few weeks, this is the approach that seems to be attracting the bidders. The idea is to bring in the bidders, then get them bidding against each other so that they're not only bidding on the item, but they're also bidding to win. If you want to keep an eye on auctions relative to the iPad model you have, head on over to eBay, search for your model (don't forget to add the word "used"), then sort the results by "Time: ending soonest," as pictured below:
As you scroll down, it's interesting to see bids on the exact same model for amounts well-over what the starting bid is for almost-ending auctions that have NO bids (and won't). This goes back to the whole "not just bidding for the item, but bidding to win" thing. If you do decide to go the eBay route, don't forget to factor in shipping costs and the percentage Paypal takes when someone pays. Lastly, eBay isn't the only place you can sell your iPad 1 or 2 to fund the upcoming iPad 3 model, but it's BY FAR returning the most for what you've got -- provided you fuel the bidding war. If you're willing to take a huge loss, you can always try Gazelle or GameStop; and then, there's always listing it on Craigslist, but that's a whole other song and dance altogether. So, there you have it. I suppose I should clarify for some of you that the advice I've offered in this article is merely an observation, not a guarantee. I will be listing my iPad on eBay based on the rationale encompassed within this post, so that's why I'm passing it along to you as well (I like to practice what I preach). Feel free to chime in with any other decent iPad trade/sell offers you may be familiar with! Good luck to those of you who decide to take the auction plunge! -Stephen Chapman
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  • I don't get this

    Whole thing of constantly buying and then selling used toys not even a year later. Maybe it's because I'm a broke bloke? IDK, but when I buy something, I usually invest in something that I can get long term use out of... I could care less about bragging rights. Not saying there's nothing wrong with selling, but for how much the iPad sells for, I would imagine those who buy one should be doing so with long-term use in mind.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Resale value dude

      iPad 3 is coming I'll order mine for $799...I'll sell my iPad 2 for about $500.

      Net cost of iPad3: $299.
  • Why not just a brand new one for 699?

    instead of a used one for $660
    William Farrel
  • You can't do that ethically...

    ...unless, when asked, "Why are you selling it?" you're prepared to answer, "Because I want to unload it on a chump who doesn't know that the new model, coming in 1 week, will have four times the resolution and twice the speed."
  • Whose ethics?

    Maybe we should question the ethics of a company that comes out with new models within such short intervals. Is parceling out the advancement in features drop-by-drop, to entice people to spend $500+ repeatedly every year or so, such an admirable way to do business?
    • The dummies are the people who fall for the gimmick, and Apple is not`

      doing anything unethical at all. People are not being forced to "upgrade", and their older gadgets aren't getting outdated from the Apple ecosystem. Bragging rights amongst the walled garden fanboys is the driving force, and it's of paramount importance to be on the "cutting edge", even if the cutting edge is not really so.

      So, it all rests on the dummies who absolutely need to get their hands on the latest and greatest from Apple, even if it's completely nonsensical.
      • Maybe not dummies, but . . .

        Certainly part of the "Look at Me" crowd. Right now I drive an old HTC Hero and don't even have a "tablet." I guess I'd use the term "suckers" but that's probably not any kinder.

        P.S. I think you meant paramount, not tantamount. Otherwise, I agree with you wholeheartedly - lemmings of the marketing machines.
  • Perhaps a short term lease would be better?

    for folks who always need a Super Whizbang Ultra Pro Gold 1000+ GT. A lease might be smarter, and let those of us with a bit more patience, a little less of a 'thing for bling', and living on some kind of budget trade up every other year or so?
  • So the iPad is not really needed?

    So you sell the iPad2 and use what until the iPad3 lands in your hands?
    or are you admitting you really don't need the iPad and it was just a nice toy and you want to have the newest toy with minimum upgrade cost?
    Those who really need their iPads will upgrade AFTER they get the iPad3.
    • And that's when the smart eBay shoppers...

      ...swoop in to pick up an iPad2 for even less since there will be more of a glut of devices available after the '3' is released.
      silent E
  • Want an iPad 3?

    NO: do not have any apple products, and this just proves to me that apple products are not that good if you need the newest product every time it comes out, it just proves to me that the only thing apple is great at is their marketing machine!! As for eBay have fun with the eBay/PayPal mafia also as they are called in many circles!!