Web access to public meetings

Web access to public meetings

Summary: The California Dept. of Technology has started making video and audio of their meetings available online.

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The California Dept. of Technology has started making video and audio of their meetings available online. The Utah Legislature has been posting audio for committee meetings for a few years now. You can even get an RSS feed.

I remember when we proposed streaming the legislative session in 2002--there was considerable angst from some members about being heard in real-time by anyone, anywhere. That's a natural reaction, but one that's at odds with the notion of "public meeting." Like many things in government, the whole idea of "open" has expanded considerably with the Internet playing a larger and larger role in our lives.

The California system includes an indexed video archive that's probably useful if the meeting is long or has multiple parts. This would be useful in audio as well (and quite easy to do). I wonder about why they seemed to need to outsource this to Granicus. This isn't rocket science--it's basic Web stuff. I'd bet they've got tons of people on staff who could figure this out.

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  • Webstreaming Solutions

    The small company I work for, has proposed to add Internet live steaming as well as archiving and storing the meetings for the County.

    It is true that those with the knowledge could put together an effective solution, but it is time consuming and those with the knowledg often do not have the inclination. It is also my observation that many IT people with their rarified training do not always understand how to make existing technology work with new technology.

    The implementation and support this company offers is a money saver for the citizens of the county, and allow county staff to spend time on more important issues. Our company is all about bringing government to the public at the lowest cost feasible.

    The bid we submitted was nearly $35K lower, but staff is recommending Granicus. That is the high cost of razzle dazzle