Western Digital: We've mostly recovered from Thailand floods

Western Digital: We've mostly recovered from Thailand floods

Summary: Western Digital says it can meet customer demand in the current quarter and beyond.


Hard drive maker Western Digital said that it has recovered its operations and supply chain damaged from flooding in Thailand to meet customer demand this quarter and beyond.

The news will be welcome to a PC industry facing higher hard drive costs.

In a statement, Western Digital John Coyne said:

The recovery activities related to both Western Digital operations and those of our supply chain partners impacted by the Thailand floods have reached a point where we now have the capability to adequately meet anticipated customer demand in the current quarter and beyond.

The company reported fiscal third quarter earnings of $483 million, or $1.96 a share, on revenue of $3 billion. Non-GAAP earnings for the third quarter were $2.52 a share. The results included three weeks of the HGST purchase.

Western Digital said that it shipped 44.2 million hard drives in the quarter. Western Digital's pain has mostly been Seagate's gain. Now that Western Digital can meet demand hard drive prices may fall.


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  • That is good.

    That is good, not needing a new drive right now but when I do they should be back to normal prices.
    • You'd think

      but it's most likely they'll hike prices, claim a need to get the bottom line stabilized and .. as usual .. the public get to pay for shoddy initial locality planning when the plant(s) were originally built.

      Ain't capitalism grand!

      [i]"That is good."[/i]

      We'll see.
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  • Great News

    About a month before the flood I was able to get my hands on two 3TB drives from Western Digital for $119 each. I would like to expand my media server so this is great news.
  • We need better security

    It appears too many plants are in a perilous region subject to flooding. Lesson learned build new plants WD with this in mind. Move to Canada, safest country in the world barring none! We cheap labour toooo!