What? No XML, Web services, RFID or wireless transmitter?

What? No XML, Web services, RFID or wireless transmitter?

Summary: This one comes by way of News.com's Michelle Meyers (who credits Engadget and CNN).

TOPICS: Big Data
goggles.jpgThis one comes by way of News.com's Michelle Meyers (who credits Engadget and CNN).  What on earth was Katie Williams thinking when designed a set of swimming goggles that has the equivalent of a heads up display that keeps track of how many laps you've done and the elapsed time?  What she really needs to add to that is an XML-schema and some sort of wireless transmission mechanism so that when one coach has to keep track of 50 swimmers in the pool, all she or he has to do is sit in front of a computer and watch the wirelessly transmitted data accumulate and tabulate.  Oh, yes, and of course, all the data dumps into a database.  Might as well include a heart monitor and the data it collects on that while you're at it Katie.  If you must, I'll settle for a USB cable that downloads the data after the workout is completed.  By the way, this product is not for me.  I jumped in my neighbor's pool the other day.  It's about 25 feet long.  I did two laps and nearly had a heart attack.

Topic: Big Data

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  • Not bad, not bad.

    Swimming for an hour at 1 mi/hour (~75 olympic laps) is probably the most BORING exercize activity in the world. I've done it many times (when I was younger . . .). This device would be better if it could do more - like a stock ticker or headline news!
    Roger Ramjet
    • HUD/HMD technology will take off

      I keep hearing about how these devices can be extended with applications beyond what they were designed to do. In the near future, with open standards, low cost, wireless, XML, RFID, etc., we will be on our way to augmenting reality with all these "wish lists."

      Check out...
      chris jablonski
    • Heart Rate would be good

      If they could do it cheap enough, the wireless idea is a good one, except for one big drawback. While there are thousands of swim teams, most aren't flush with money like football teams, so the system has to be cheap. Unless, there is a big gain for the individual swimmer, I doubt that you could get enough volume to make the higher tech ideas pay-off. However, counting laps correctly gets rather hard as the oxygen deficit increases, and boredoom set in. If, the goggles fit my face, and didn't leak I might buy a pair. However, its is such a pain to get googles that fit, it might be hard for a manufacturer to have enough size and type of goggles as options for this smaller volumn item.
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