Whiteboardcasts: Microsoft's dilemma and Google's galaxy

Whiteboardcasts: Microsoft's dilemma and Google's galaxy

Summary: At ZDNet we came up with a new kind of videocast we call whiteboardcasts. They are three- to five-minute vignettes--some tutorial in nature and others probing the recent news.

TOPICS: Google

whiteboradcast.jpgAt ZDNet we came up with a new kind of videocast we call whiteboardcasts. They are three- to five-minute vignettes--some tutorial in nature and others probing the recent news. So far we have over 90 videos banked, including two I did on Tuesday on Microsoft and Google. The first is titled "Microsoft's Dilemma?," and I work through Microsoft's seven business units, looking at the growth areas and  how Microsoft is challenged by its own legacy and its fast moving Web-centric competitors. It's a bit rough and I didn't call out open source enough (I did mention Linux and OpenOffice.org), but hey...they were done in one take. In the second whiteboardcast, "The Google Galaxy," I try to deconstruct the obsession with Google, looking at the areas that Google is diving into and how it adds up to something more than the sum of its parts--a massive beta mashup printing money.


Check them out and let us know what you think and any topics you would like to see covered on the whiteboard...

Topic: Google

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  • WhiteboardCasts?

    That sucks in and of itself.
  • Fix your web site ZDNET

    Shame on ZDNET. Don't have competent staff? or do you outsource?
    This website quality is degrading to a very unprofessional level. You should know better!
    • Please tell us more...

      IT-sys, what is it that you find so disturbing? Is the video not working on your machine? Or are you bothered by Dan Farber's messy handwriting?

      Stephen Howard-Sarin
      VP, ZDNet
      Stephen Howard-Sarin
      • many readers have already mentioned it before

        Before I start I have to say that I think Dan Farber is one the best reporters at ZDNET and this has nothing to do with him.

        Technical issues with web site:
        1)You can see the problem where there are multiple repeated entries on the talkbacks.
        For example: http://news.zdnet.com/5208-1009-0.html?forumID=1&threadID=15614&messageID=310795&start=-1

        2)Many times the video does not play and I need to reload the web browser. In this particular case there was audio but no video. I tried it again today, it's working.

        3)Generally the website (too frequently) acts up and you can see that some talkback usernames are hyperlinked to nowhere.

        I'll leave ZDNET's definition of journalism and conflicts of interests for another day.
        That's what's really disturbing. But I'm sure you heard something about it before.

        I'm not the only one who complains about ZDNET, just look at the posts.
  • Oi! What a board!

    Usually the whiteboards are pretty logical...but then there are Dan's. Ouch. You just get the feeling that Dan is trying to cram 20 lbs into a 5 lb can. (Or really a 4x6 board.) Perhaps Dan should sketch out the board before recording.

    As for the whiteboards...overall I think they're a good thing. Most of them have conveyed a lot of information in a very compact medium. I dare say that the equivalent text article would have been far too long and boring to sit through. I have enough technical reading to do.
    Chad Strunk