Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

Summary: Apple has been getting just as bad as Google at taking liberties with user data. Both companies offer plenty of reasons for trust and distrust. So which do you trust more? Take the poll.


It recently came to light that Apple has been tracking GPS data on iPhone users. This may have been inadvertent or it may have been part of an effort to collect data in preparing for future apps and services. You can read Apple's official response and decide for yourself. Whatever the case may be, Apple is now in the same boat as Google as a company that has a lot of information about you and has the potential to use it in ways that you might not have imagined and might not like.

That naturally begs the question of which one you trust more with your personal data? There's a line of thinking that since Apple is more of a closed ecosystem it is a safer place to have your stuff -- compared to the Google ecosystem that always wants to scrape as much data as it can about you in order to provide you with a more customized experience (but one that sometimes plays fast and loose with user data).

However, there is a valid counter-argument. As my colleague Larry Dignan over at ZDNet says, he would much rather trust Google with his data because he knows that the company is under the privacy microscope from federal regulators and so it has to be more careful and transparent about the things it does.

What do you think? Answer the question below. There's no third option ("neither" or "both equally") for you wishy-washy people. Commit. Choose one, or don't answer the poll. Oh, and then please jump into the discussion and respectfully share your reasons why.

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  • Microsoft

    Why isn't "neither" a choice?
    • Contrary to Google,Apple does not live off entirely selling out its user to

      @AdamzP: ... advertisers, so the data, abstractly speaking, is safer there.<br><br>Even in very small part of advertisements that Apple's iAd system handles on locations-based level, information about users is *not* available both to advertisers and Apple.<br><br>iOS automatically downloads geographically appropriate advertisements from Apple's common advertisements database, if user has "Location services" on. No user's coordinates are sent, no phone ID sent, no iAd's "cookies" or whatever collected or tracked on iOS devices.<br><br>Apple and advertisers only see common statistics about all advertisements -- how many times each was displayed, how many clicks registered, how well users explored the advertisement -- all of this information is anonymous statistics.<br><br>But, anyway, for now iAds are very pricey to make, so there are not that many of location-based advertisements for iOS devices.
      • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

        @denisrs Dude, that's not true... Google's computers do all the work they don't sell jack to anyone! Their computers look for keywords in Mail and their Advertisements Match the keywords before they run along the sidebar.

        Seriously, do you think companies have enough people to manually filter through that data? How naive are you?
      • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]


        You are so right about what they live off. Google gets 98% of revenues from advertising. And to make more from advertising they spy on their users with every app and service so as to target their ads.

        Apple, on the other hand, makes nearly all their revenues from selling innovative (and I use that adjective literally) hardware and software. Sure, they do not want to leave the advertising revenues all to Google. But, they are not dependent on them.

        Google spends their entire existance thinking of new ways to acquire user data. The question should not be, "who do you trust?", but "who should you trust?" The danger of Google is absolute.
    • RE: Where's the Microsoft option

      @AdamzP : Agreed. Neither should be there, or at least add Microsoft. They're MUCH more concerned about end user privacy... serious. About 2 years ago when there was a Gmail outage, I actually looked at the privacy policies of Google and MS. MS is a MUCH safer bet than either. This probably stems from their enterprise business.

      Why MS and its Live services doesn't count is beyond me.
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        Ram U
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        Bill Pharaoh
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    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]


      Agreed. I don't trust either of these companies. I'd say neither is my choice followed by Miicrosoft. The boys in Redmond know the game and they play it very well!
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

      I will tell you who I do not trust. That would be Sony's Playstation Network.....
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

      @AdamzP Because it's a comparative question. Which of these do you trust MORE; not which do you trust at all.
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]


      Because he doesn't really want a truthful poll - he only wants schewed results for whatever reason. So, ok then - I vote APPLE, because Steve Jobs is the iVoice of God and everything he says MUST be the iTruth, so therefore Apple CANNOT do any iWrong. Google has to be the bad guy here! Yeah Right - I resent the hell out of the WISHY WASHY crap and still vote NEITHER !!!!!!!!!
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

      @AdamzP You are missing the point if you look at this article as actual journalism. The neither choise would defeat the purpose of starting flame wars between Apple fanbois and Google fanbois, which is the sole motive of this sad excuse for an article.
      That's a very legit question and I love the fact it was posted to the 1st reader which it really makes my point self explanatory... the legit question you ask was my very second, because my first was WTF approved this article for publishing? To which I replied the same guy that hasn't been fired yet because he has actually been ordered to publish anything as long as it gets hits. ;)

      You see Adam? Nowadays it seems that all the journalists at ZD have been told to put their skills aside and come up with cheap expedients to trigger massive pageviews by returning angry reader who support one side or another in a comparison almost as if once they have proven their point or expressed their opinion the reader was being rewarded in some way by the company he/she has been supporting.
      Although being just a single point of view, I hope mine would help explain "the mystery of the missing "neither opinion".

      ...by the way those who voted one or the other need to have their head checked because the only possible answer is the one that was purposefully left out (neither) and if anything this could be a psychological study proving that as long as opinion is properly piloted via subtle signals, readers would do anything... even post comments like I am doing here LOL!

      People use your own organic CPU next time and live a single comment: "Lame Article" maybe we'll see a shift in tech news coverage where real news are posted! ;)
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

      @AdamzP - LOL! I trust ANYONE besides Microsoft! Perhaps that's why they were not included. They would have LOST BIG TIME!
      The Danger is Microsoft
  • Comparison isn't match!

    If you compare the companies with Data, Apple has nothing while comparing to the volume of Data Google stores. Unless you trust Google, you can't even use their Search, Email, Docs..etc.
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]

      Ram U
    • RE: Who do you trust more with your data, Apple or Google? [poll]


      Agreed, you have to trust Google before using their services (an opt-in). You KNOW explicitly they will take data on you. What Apple has been found out to do whether by intent or ignorance is create an unsafe mechanism to store location data with timestamps and unencrypted and MUCH more easily accessible which CAN be used to track you.. The point is not so much that the data has been collected, but that it was so unsecure and located ON the device not at some server at Apple.. Apple has said they will fix it and part of that fix is to reduce the number of days the data extends back to 7 days.. But they have no intention of removing the timestamp part of the data.. Location services DO NOT require a timestamp for each Wifi/Cell entry. Without the timestamp location data cannot be used to 'track' you. I say keep it unencrypted, leave easily accessible if you must to make it easier for developers but REMOVE the timestamp data.

      So my vote is for Google till Apple becomes more serious about the consequences of their 'ideas' on their devices and users. Waiting a week to respond also didn't put them in a favorable light..