Will the real Mike Cox please stand up?

Will the real Mike Cox please stand up?

Summary: If you've ever joined a talkback discussion on ZDNet blogs, you've probably encountered Mike Cox. On the subject of Microsoft, the ubiquitous and presumably pseudonymous Mr. Cox is rarely at a loss for words.


If you've ever joined a talkback discussion on ZDNet blogs, you've probably encountered Mike Cox. On the subject of Microsoft, the ubiquitous and presumably pseudonymous Mr. Cox is rarely at a loss for words.

But who is this guy? Does Mike Cox head the IT department at a mid-sized company? Maybe. Does he run a very tight Microsoft-only shop. Probably not. Is he putting us on? Well...this Microsoft apologist has been duking it out with Redmond detractors in our ZDNet talkback forums for years.

We can always count on Mike Cox, tongue planted precariously in cheek, to comment freely and forcefully on any of a number of topics...

On Windows vs Linux: Linux is awkward and clunky, the realm of green-screen types who do not respect software engineering. Windows embodies all that is right with IT and, in a larger sense, the civilized world. The elegance and refinement of the Windows OS makes me and my rep aghast with complete SHOCK AND AWE. My rep and I toasted to Windows tonight over dinner...[read more]

Securing Vista: The key thing was to disable the network cards (both wireless and wired) and to set local policies to disallow removable USB drives. We also removed the CD/DVD writer drive. The machine was now completely locked down...[read more]

Google vs Microsoft: Google is finished. Microsoft's balance sheet is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in the IT field... The only thing that will keep the United States at the forefront of technology is continual support of Windows technologies like One Note...[read more]

Dell's Ubuntu-powered desktops: Dell was wasting too much time with Linux and was making my rep and I angry. What a shame that on a weekend where we celebrate patriotism we need to deal with Linux PCs from Dell...[read more]

Zune: The Zune juggernaut is slowly eroding the *pod culture. ...[read more]

Vista Service Pack: We received pre-alpha bits of Vista SP1. I made an immediate decision to deploy, and deploy without prejudice. I have named the project WOW NOW SP1 and have mandated all MCSEs stay night and day until it is deployed...[read more]

Vista activation: My rep and I spent yesterday discussing an even more aggressive activation strategy. My rep mentioned something about tying Windows product IDs to a driver's license and credit card. So that if someone were to illegally transfer Vista to another PC they bought, their charge card would be hit for a license and the DMV would be notified....[read more]

Microsoft Office bloat: I gave my rep some more Office features I want. One is a way to do a PowerPoint while in Groove, click on a button in Groove and have Excel launch and gather data from the PowerPoint to create a chart which will then paste itself into Word and then send an email via Outlook and then have Groove announce the mail was sent. My rep offered to send MCS onsite to do some "custom code" for this...[read more]

Hiring MCSEs: Quality people are tough to find. I interview hundreds of MCSEs a month and it is very difficult to find the right balance of technical gurus who are willing to work 100 hours a week...[read more]

On Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Comparing Ubuntu to Vista is not acceptable. Did you say WOW when you installed Ubuntu? Each and every time I reinstall Vista on my notebook I say WOW. I say WOW every single time I click an icon and wait for the OS to respond. Ubuntu is a scourge on the planet and is a risk to the IT ecosystem because it is insecure and not fully integrated with ISA Server for security purposes!...[read more]

Windows XP: I don't understand why anyone would want to run windows XP anymore. It is a legacy operating system...[read more]

At Starbucks somewhere, over scones and lattes, Mike and his rep are plotting their next move...

Topics: Windows, Microsoft, Open Source

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  • I told ZDnet that he needs his own Blog

    Blog Entry is a good start though.

    Mike Cox is the hero of IT departments everywhere. Whoever it is, he probably is a person with alot of time on their hands and the ability to think with great vengence.

    Often I thought Mike was a ZDnet employee because of his ability to post so quickly to the talk backs. Then after I began to post I realized that he was just a person without a real life.
    • I believe

      that we've approached Mr. Cox and a few other prolific talkbackers about blogs. they weren't interested if I recall.
      Larry Dignan
      • I think he already has his own blog...

        but I'm not sure it's actually him or just a fan reposting his famous talkbacks(I loved his "Thanksgiving Hours for IT staff" entry, it was priceless).

        Tony Agudo
      • If only I had something to say

        I could use some extra padding on my resume. Also I could use the extra income,
        but to be honest, I love talking tech.

        However, I rarely have anything original to say. If so, I never can bring myself up to
        Mike Cox-esque quality. Although, I have done some dandy acronym posts which
        managed to get railed.
      • I'm glad he turned you down

        A regular blog wouldn't be half as effective; as it is Mike can pick his targets.

        The humour is often quite subtle and you need to read some of his posts carefully to get the full effect.

        As other have noted Mike's "straight" posts show his views are often very different from his "in character" posts.
  • I always got a chuckle out of him..

    Interesting article. I have wondered where he has been myself. Reading his replies was always a good break from my job here. I did read a few times that he wrote that he would demand his staff stay all night to deploy something, one would question it and he would fire them on the spot... not good for morale I'd say.
    • Yes I deffinitly love those posts...

      Man look at the praise this guy gets :)
  • Let me guess ... slow news day + publishing deadline? (NT)

    • Sounds like that to me...

      ...even though I (almost) always get a kick out of Mike's posts.
    • Nah just a changeup

      And Mr. Cox deserves the tribute. We can't talk about Google and Salesforce all day can we? Although it feels that way ;)
      Larry Dignan
  • I enjoyed Mike's amusing responses

    I always got a kick of his funny remarks. He sounds like a great guy to hang out with. I think I'm in love.
  • Read them all via Google:

  • There are others

    No Axe to Grind, Non Zelot, loverrock davison must also be parodies. They are so blindly pro M$ that they are either parodies or M$ employees. I still haven't figured out which.
    • I disagree

      Mike is the only one who is completely non-argumentative. He posts once and rarely (if ever) replies. That's a good sign of a true satirist, as opposed to a true zealot.

      I firmly believe Mike is a parody character, but I wonder about the rest you mention - I've personally met people who blindly, firmly adhere to their beliefs no matter what, a la Loverock, et al.

      (Speaking of, I'm sure Loverock is fuming that he's never been highlighted by one of ZDNet's bloggers. I'm waiting for Mike to post here, exalting his notariety, but I doubt he will. I think he's too humble for that - the satirist, not the character.)
      • Good call!

        Your first paragraph is a spot-on observation. I've noticed that as well, didn't give it
        much thought.
      • If Mike Does post to this . . .

        It'll probably be just to remind us that it's Microsoft who lifted him to the heavens and made him a fisher of zealots . . .

        Some of his posts sometimes miss the mark, but he's always a 10 when he shows!!!
    • But, is Mike Cox for or against Microsoft?? I think he is actually making

      fun of Microsoft and their supporters. He is probably a die hard Linux fan.
      • You've been here long enough

        and often enough to have stumbled upon his serious posts, haven't you? He's actually pretty level headed. Wants Linux to succeed but understands its weaknesses and understands MS's strengths. And obviously we know he understands MS's weaknesses by simply reading his usual posts.
        Michael Kelly
        • I agree

          ...and Donnie, if you have to ask whether Mike is pro- or anti-Microsoft, you haven't read enough of his posts.

          He's really neither, but he sure likes to poke fun at those who are staunch lovers or haters of any particular OS.

          Personally, I think he leans a little - JUST a little - more [i]away[/i] from Microsoft, but I don't know that he leans very hard toward any other particluar OS. Maybe his tendencies are caused by the overwhelming, unreasonable popularity of all things Microsoft...
    • Wishing it doesn't make it true

      No Axe has admitted to trying Linux. I've always been very forthcoming about the fact that my home server and my media PC both run Linux and that I really like Linux on the desktop. Loverock's favorite OS is BSD.

      No, it isn't that we are all blindly pro MS, it is that none of us are blindly anti-MS like you are. See the difference? When you guys spread your anti-MS FUD, we are all here to make you look foolish, a task that admittedly isn't all that hard.