Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

Summary: Android is the undeniable leader in the domestic smartphone market share as of late, but that could change as consumers become more aware of other mobile platforms besides those of Google and Apple.


Android has consistently been at the top of the U.S. smartphone market share for months now, but a new report suggests Windows Phone 7 could be a bigger threat than we would expect.

According to a new report from Connected Intelligence, a service of the research firm NPD Group, found that Android generates more interest than any other OS with 63 percent of the responses and it was labeled as the platform that consumers are "most interested in" with 36 percent.

Last month, the NPD Group suggested that Android's momentum is so strong right now that it could even boost Motorola Mobility if the bid by Google is approved.

However, there is room for other operating systems -- most notably Windows Phone 7. The problem for WP7 is that 45 percent of consumers are still not aware of it. Additionally, 44 percent of smartphone owners, and those who intend to buy one, said that they are at least considering to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device.

Linda Barrabee, a research director for Connected Intelligence explained in a statement that although the Android "juggernaut" continues, it is still facing strong competition from Apple's iOS and even Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 has a way to go before consumers really understand what it is. But with the right marketing mojo, apps portfolio, and feature-rich hardware, Microsoft could certainly improve its standing and chip away at Android's dominant market position.

Over the last few months, Microsoft has flailed a little bit in the U.S. smartphone market, dropping from 7.5 percent of the U.S. smartphone market share in March to 5.8 percent in June, according to a report from comScore in August.

Of course, this interest will shift undoubtedly, either in favor or against Microsoft, once Windows Phone 7 with the awaited Mango update and then Windows Phone 8 roll out.


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  • Microsoft's performance is inexcusable

    Unlike SJVN and DTS that like to blame all of Linux's problems on everyone else, WP7's poor performance in the market is all MS's fault. It is inexcusable that ~50% of consumers don't even know what WP7 is. I bet that ~100% of consumers know what iPhone is.

    WP7 is not a bad OS so technically, MS did a good job. They even have an okay ecosystem with Zune (as long as you live in the right country) Xbox, and Live.

    But MS really dropped the ball on all other aspects of this product. Shame on you Microsoft.
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

      @toddybottom It's not surprising that many consumers don't know what Windows Phone 7 is yet. Every time there is a major sporting event on TV it's wall to wall Android commercials from Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The thing is Microsoft is dependent upon the carriers to advertise Windows Phone handsets and they're not doing it (on TV/Radio/Magazine or in-store). Other than AT&T no carriers in the U.S. have run TV ads for Windows Phone. And none of the smaller regional carriers even have a Windows Phone to sell.<br><br>The upcoming Mango version of the OS is more than "not bad," it's much better than Android. Microsoft needs to expand their carrier relationships beyond just AT&T and start getting the other carriers including the small guys (ie. MetroPCS, Cellular South) excited about the platform.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        @cool8man MS is not dependent on the carriers to advertise, they are more than welcome to do so themselves and I am sure the carriers would be thinkful as well.
    • But how many of that 100% know it needs charging EVERY night ?


      Or that it's tied to itunes for it's ipod functions and will wipe on another account. Minor details to devotees BUT pretty big to someone that travels extensively. Under 24 hours on 3g and bluetooth is really well below average, and thats with hardly any calls to pseak of.

      Agreed nobody will listen about Win7, not even me. I've got my iPhone4, HTC wildfire and Blackberry Torch (at least two days on one charge for each of them). Maybe not a big deal to some but a big deal to me.

      There is NO perfect phone for everyone. We're all individuals but a great many are swayed by the marketing. Apples is really good.... even down to the 'steps have been shortened' in the adverts. Yep..... very shortened!
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

      @toddybottom You know for Steve Balmer being such a marketing person. He sure has lost that ability. I remember when he was pushing Windows 3.1. Now Microsoft can't seem to get any press, decent reviews or even comments from consumers. If I were Steve balmer I would create a deal on a Windows phone nobody could refuse. That's the only way Microsoft is going to get a foot into the smart phone market. Otherwise its just Android and Apple.
  • Is NDP ever right?

    Seriously. Go back and look at their past predictions. It is analysis using a dart board.
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

    MS has to start marketing WP7 as cool and steal the DRIOD playbook. Nokia will certainly market well, and as we approach W8 release hopefully late next spring, Joe Consumer will come to recognize how different and potentially better the Metro UI is than iOS and Android.
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

      They don't necessarily have to market it as "cool" some much as market it period. Also, I went into my t-mobile store and they could find the one WP7 phone they were supposed to have on display. Great marketing - NOT.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        @sackbut There are several facets to marketing. Obviously, MS has to correct the brick and mortar store bias against WP7. But more than that, they have to stop making their message seem so "intelligent". Rather, just show how dang cool the phone's interface / features are much like the DRIOD commercials do.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        @sackbut - I went into my local Sprint store and found myself educating the sales staff on the phones they were selling! That is inexcusable. There is no way that a sales staff shouldn't know enough about these phones to sell them. I have been saying for months that if Microsoft offered a free phone to every sales person that worked in a store that sold their system, they would be selling like mad.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        @jjworleyeoe People keep saying make WP7 look cool like the Droid commercials, but Motorola is not doing well lately. Motorola marketshare has been dropping like a rock since the original Droid. Motorola's new commercials/marketing don't tell you anything about the phone/tablet. They're pretty terrible IMHO.<br><br>The best kinds of ads are like the iPhones. Just simply teaching people about what the phone does that the other phones don't do works best. That's why the original "Droid Does" ad campaign was so effective. It explained what Droid Does and what iPhone doesn't do. That's what Windows Phone needs.
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        @sackbut I agree. I live in Saskatchewan and the only "GOOD" mobile provider is Sasktel and they only have one Windows Phone 7 (LG Optimus) which I like but I would prefer to have choice. In the local ads they never have windows phones. I bought one because I read a lot and pay attention, but it was hard to find one to play with to make sure it was the right choice. It was :-)
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)


      I really dont like the Metro UI I think it is a Disaster for Microsoft. The dont sell
    • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

      @jjworleyeoe I don't even know if it's all marketing. I went to Sprint last weekend to get both of my kids new phones. They are both into xbox and have zunes so they were interested in the Arrive. I asked if we could look at one because all they had on display was the box. She said "oh, you don't want that phone, it's not android". I explained that we were very familiar with what it was and wanted to see it. She checked their inventory, none. She checked their regional inventory, none. She checked the entire district, based out of a large town about 200 miles away, none. We would have bought 2 HTC Arrive windows phones, if we could. Ended up getting an HTC EVO Slide and an HTC EVO 3d (which is pretty cool, by the way). I'm pretty agnostic when it comes to mobile os'. I have had WebOS, Android, Iphone. Really wanted to try the WP7 but just couldn't. Oh well.
  • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

    If I had to choose between Android or WP7, I will choose WP7 without hesitation every time. But it will take more than a smooth UI and Apple-like attention to details to sway this market. <br><br>The last advertising I saw from Microsoft they were trying to convince us that WP7 was going to cure our addiction to smart phones. By making us use it less. Why?
    • Why are Apple fanboys so stupid?

      @dave95. <br>We constantly hear from stupid Apple fanboys about how great OS X is because it doesn't require constant reboots, constant AV scanning, constant defragging, etc. OS X is wonderful because it lets you get your work done quickly and efficiently and lets you spend more time with your family and friends. Windows is terrible because you have to use it so much more and it keeps you away from your family and friends.

      Why doesn't Apple put slower processors in their Macs? Why doesn't Apple add some artificial slowdowns in the OS? How about if OS X were to ask you a complex math problem every time you wanted to run a program? Then you could use OS X for far longer periods of time. Instead, it is almost like Apple wants you to be able to get your work done in less time and therefore use OS X much less. Why?
      • Insults are the first resort of those without arguments..

        @toddybottom <br><br>Running Windows 7 in this household not OSX (good try at generalizing though NonZ). <br><br>Not sure if they've since changed it but the marketing message for WP7 is all wrong: "<b>A phone to save us from our phones</b>"? What? Insinuating that users are somehow frustrated with their current smart phones. And all they really want to do (with their cool expensive phone) is get in and get out, quickly. Not sure what marketing research they did for WP7 but I don't know anyone who uses their smart phones the way WP7 ads described it. There seem to be a disconnect in the marketing campaign and how users really are using their phones. For a sixth consecutive time, Apple ranked highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction (838 on a scale of 1000 points) . Followed by HTC, and then Samsung and Moto. Nowhere is WP7. Customers are currently happy with their phones, MS is missing the target completely.<br><br>Smart phone users are glued to their phones because they love it, not because they're frustrated they're not able to get to their information, quickly. It's like telling a drug user to buy this new WP7 drug instead, it will give you a much much shorter high than you're used to having with your current drug. Why?<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a>
      • RE: Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

        >><i>Apple ranked highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction (838 on a scale of 1,00 points) . Followed by HTC, and then Samsung and Moto. Nowhere is WP7. Customers are currently happy with their phones, MS is missing the target completely.</i>
        Well last time when I checked Microsoft is not making phones, they sell OS to HTC, Samsung and other OEMs.
        Ram U
      • You are still such an idiot

        I'm not insulting you, I'm insulting idiots when I call you an idiot.

        I'm sorry for you that you are too stupid to understand that taking 5 seconds to check on the status of your email is better than taking 15 seconds. Your family must weep at your inability to see that taking 5 seconds to check on the weather forecast is better than taking 30 seconds. We all laugh at you when you try to convince us that OS X would be better if it took 30 minutes to log in so that we could all use OS X "more".

        As for your idiotic mention of satisfaction ratings, just because something is good today doesn't mean it can't be better tomorrow. I have an iPhone. I'm very satisfied with my iPhone. My iPhone could be better though. iOS 5 is actually a huge step in the right direction because Apple is copying MS's strategy of creating a UI that lets you do the same amount of work in less time. When iOS 5 comes out, I'll be able to glance at my lock screen and see more information. How about that. Apple is making changes so that I'll use my iPhone less. According to you, Apple is missing the target completely.

      • One last nail in your coffin

        "And all they really want to do (with their cool expensive phone) is get in and get out, quickly."

        Sometimes I want to do just that. Are you saying that you always want to take 30 minutes to check your email? That could be arranged. In fact, we could make it so that it will always take 24 hours for you to check your email. Then you could use OS X 24 hours a day.

        Just because you never want to quickly check the status of something because you actually like being inefficient doesn't mean that the rest of us don't appreciate it when companies allow us to use our time more efficiently.

        Apple is doing great things with iOS 5 because it will allow me to get in and get out, quickly when that is what I want to do. Right now, I don't have that option with iOS 4.