With Apple's latest iPad, the tablet field will be set

With Apple's latest iPad, the tablet field will be set

Summary: Apple will unveil its next-generation iPad, an evolutionary advance to the first version. In any case, Apple will set the tablet field for 2011. Here are five themes to watch.


Apple on Wednesday will unveil its next-generation iPad, which is expected to be an evolutionary advance on the first version. Regardless of whether Apple dishes out a lot of eye-popping features, it will set the field for 2011's great tablet race.

Among the key themes to watch later today:

  1. Pricing: If Apple upgrades memory and features while holding the line on the $499 entry level model it will be disruptive. What happens if a 32GB Wi-Fi iPad goes for $499 with a front-facing camera? Short answer: The Motorola Xoom may have some issues.
  2. Carrier plans: As noted by a few analysts, Apple could have a GSM-CDMA chip so one tablet could work with AT&T or Verizon. That move would open the door for an interesting duel between the two largest U.S. wireless carriers.
  3. The impact on the field: The iPad 2 is likely to impact the tablet field. Many observers expect the Android tablet field to go commodity quickly. Usually, that commoditization means lower prices. The rub here is whether prices can come down enough to dent the iPad. So far prices haven't. The other launches to watch will be RIM's PlayBook and HP's WebOS tablet. Will the iPad 2 make those devices look like also-rans before they even hit the market.
  4. Any hints about the iPad 3. If iPad 2 is evolutionary speculation will immediately surface about the next version. Will thoughts of iPad 3 restrain sales of the second iPad?
  5. iPad for business. Apple's iPad has become a serious business tool. It is widely expected that the new iPad will ride shotgun with an SMB service effort dubbed JointVenture. On the business front, it's worth watching how Apple's focus on businesses locks the iPad in as an enterprise device.


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  • The way I see it....

    I have an iPad 1 , and while not overly excited about the use of a camera, think that it is a deciding factor for those who want one.<br><br>The App store has matured into a REAL treasure trove of applications that are modestly priced. <br><br>I had an Android tablet, but sold it due to the willy-nilly application availability.... there were none I wanted to keep for free, let alone pay for.<br><br>Without wanting to sound as a fanboy (which I definitely am not), I can see no reason for tablets over $500 to even exist, let alone sell.<br><br>Let's leave the Apple/Android/Rim bashing.... honestly, this is a great product... excellent office apps, book reading excellence, movie viewing, great games....<br><br>For me though, it is the super-long battery life that is the clincher...
  • no ipad 3 in 2011

    steve jobs again and gain said that 2011 will be the year of the ipad 2. with such a major revamp they would just be crazy to offer a better model in about six months. i think the rumor relates to a new and probably bigger ipod touch with a 5-6" screen, dedicated to games.
    banned from zdnet